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From Tomb Raider to Marvel Heroine: How Angelina Jolie Transformed

Angelina Jolie is one of the recognized sex symbols of the 2000s, actress, producer, director, UN Goodwill Ambassador, mother of six children and ex-wife of Brad Pitt. Over the past 20 years, a lot has happened in her life: a rapid career growth, an Oscar, a love story followed with bated breath by the whole world, the struggle for her health and difficult experiences. Over the years, not only Jolie's roles in films and her image have changed, but she herself. We tell you what transformations the beloved Lara Croft, Mrs. Smith and Maleficent have gone through.

Lara Croft: how Jolie prepared for the role

Jolie did not come to the famous image of the hot tomb raider immediately, but only in 2001. Before playing one of her most famous roles - Lara Croft, Jolie managed to star in several other projects. Including playing a supporting role in the film, Girl, Interrupted, for which the actress won her first Oscar in 2000.

In the film adaptation based on the computer game of the same name Lara Croft: The Plunderer tombs the heroine of the actress is an archaeologist and adventurer. She was distinguished by good athletic training: overcoming obstacles in the form of ancient traps and running away from bandits are tasks for the strong not only in spirit. So the actress at that time looked the most in the body. Some would even call Angelina of the 2001 version a girl with forms, although at that time she did not differ in their special splendor.

Jolie tried to perform most of the tricks on her own, as far as the producers allowed. To do this, a few months before the start of filming, the actress had to radically change her lifestyle. As the future Lara admitted in an interview, in those years she smoked and abused alcohol, slept poorly, and did not follow the regime. To prepare the actress for the tricks, a whole team of coaches and nutritionists was assigned to her.

Jolie has always had a refined figure, so she had to gain a couple of kilograms to play a strong woman in every sense muscle mass. Several times a week, Angelina did strength training. She also did yoga, kickboxing, shooting and rowing.

From Tomb Raider to Marvel Heroine: How Angelina Jolie Transformed

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In one episode, the heroine had to fight using a rifle not for its intended purpose. To prepare for this scene, the actress had to work with specially trained stuntmen. At first, Jolie thought that preparation would not take more than an hour or two.go, but her expectations were not met: the training continued after two and a half hours.

Despite the severity of such hard training, Jolie was pleased with her changes. As it turned out, physical exercise was not the only test on the way to Lara Croft's ideal body - the actress was on a very strict diet. Angelina was not allowed to eat bread, sugar, drink alcohol and coffee. Her diet consisted of stewed fish and beef, soy milk, eggs and vegetables - a lot of protein, which also contributed to the growth of muscle mass.

From Tomb Raider to Marvel Heroine: How Angelina Jolie Transformed

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From Tomb Raider to Marvel Heroine: How Angelina Jolie Transformed

Although the Lara Croft films themselves received more mixed than positive reviews, for Jolie it was a success. In the form of a daring adventurer, she was recognized all over the world. In 2005, the action movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith was released, thanks to which Angelina not only met her future husband Brad Pitt, but also finally won the hearts of fans. In 2006 and 2008, the couple had children: after both pregnancies, Jolie-Pitt, who was prone to thinness, quickly returned to her usual form.

Fans are concerned about Angelina's health

In 2007, from cancer Angelina's mother, actress Marcheline Bertrand, died of ovaries. Also, her grandmother Stella and several other relatives died of cancer. The actress decided to test her genes for a tendency to cancer and, after learning that her risk of developing breast cancer was 87%, and ovarian cancer - 50%, she decided on surgery. In 2013, Jolie underwent a bilateral mastectomy - breast removal - followed by reconstruction. She spoke about the operation in her article for The New York Times. In 2015, in an interview with the same publication, Jolie spoke about the removal of the ovaries. As the actress shared, the operations helped to significantly reduce the risk of developing such diseases and gave a chance to raise children and, possibly, see grandchildren.

But this is not the only test that has fallen to Angelina in recent years. In 2016, she decided to end her relationship with Brad Pitt. The divorce proceedings of Brangelina, one of the favorite star couples of the 2000s, were widely covered in the media and could not but affect the actress. The divorce dragged on for three years: officially all legal issues were resolved only in the spring of 2019. During this time, Jolie lost a lot of weight, and fans began to speculate about anorexia and other possible health problems.

From Tomb Raider to Marvel Heroine: How Angelina Jolie Transformed

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From Tomb Raider to Marvel Heroine: How Angelina Jolie Transformed

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

According to the media, she was greatly influenced by the long-drawn divorce from Pitt and all the accompanying squabbles, and her weight allegedly reached 41 kg, which is extremely small for the growth of an actress (1.69 m). Jolie's fainting and feeling unwell were also reported. But she herself did not comment on the situation.

Maleficent and Jolie's debut in Marvel

In 2019, the actress returned to the role of Maleficent (the first film was released in 2014) - perhaps not so much and the evil sorceress from the tale of Sleeping Beauty.

And in 2020, a new movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Eternals will be released on the big screens, where Jolie also played one of the main roles.

Fans, by the way, did not even recognize the actress in a superhero costume. In the film, she plays a flying warrior with unrivaled swordsmanship and telekinesis, and the ability to radiate energy from her eyes and hands. It seems that the skills she learned while filming Lara Croft will come in handy again.

Despite rumors of health problems, Angelina Jolie not only does not abandon projects, but, on the contrary, is actively working on new films. According to the actress, she almost recovered from the operations, now she feels well and is gradually accepting her changes.

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