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From the thigh: 7 foods to avoid for a beautiful figure

Unfortunately, it is impossible to lose weight in a specific part of the body: local fat burning is nothing more than a myth. When a person loses weight, adipose tissue gradually leaves the whole body. First of all, for some, the arms are reduced, for others, the waist becomes thinner. However, one of the most problematic areas is the hips. Not only is it most difficult for many to achieve the reduction of this part of the body, but it is also here that cellulite often appears.

Nutritionist and trainer Andrey Semeshov notes that cellulite, as a rule, appears where excess body fat accumulates. Accordingly, the appearance of an upsetting orange peel is not caused by individual dangerous foods, but by an excess of calories as such.

The first thing a nutritionist recommends to pay attention to is a balanced diet, when the calories spent are equal to or exceed the calories eaten. And only then go deeper into the details: correlate the amount of proteins, saturated and unsaturated fats, etc.

Nevertheless, there are foods that often increase the calorie content of the diet unnoticed by us. Here's what you shouldn't abuse to keep beautiful and slender hips.

From the thigh: 7 foods to avoid for a beautiful figure

What's more caloric? Choosing less dangerous products for the figure

Cappuccino or raf, milk or kefir, marshmallow or marmalade.


Whatever your purpose - get rid of extra pounds or improve skin condition, avoiding sugar is the first step towards a healthier diet. Although sugar itself does not contain fat, it provides a large amount of calories at one time. And if you do not spend this energy immediately, the body will store it already in the form of adipose tissue.

From the thigh: 7 foods to avoid for a beautiful figure

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In addition, excessive consumption of sugar - not only in pure form, but also in drinks and sweets - can reduce the amount of collagen in the body. The lack of this substance, in turn, negatively affects the condition of the skin and contributes to the appearance of cellulite.

Although sweet fruits also contain sugar, albeit in the form of fructose, they should not be abused either.

Also, the nutritionist advises paying special attention to reducing the so-called hidden sugar in the diet. Alas, today manufacturers add sugar wherever possible and impossible. Including black bread. It makes sense to linger at the shelf and pick up an option where there will be no sugar in the composition, the expert notes.

White bread, pasta and rice

When losing weight, it is worth giving up white flour products (bread, pastries, noodles) and rice. These high glycemic index foods contain complex carbohydrates that the body breaks down into sugars. For example, one of them - starch in the process of digestion breaks down to simple - glucose. In turn, this can negatively affect the condition of the skin.

White bread can be replaced with whole grain, and wheat pasta - with oatmeal pasta.

Processed meat

Ham, sausages, sausages - these products should definitely be discarded. if you don't want your thighs covered with orange peel. The fact is that processed meat usually contains a large amount of sodium salt. Because of it, water is retained in the body, edema occurs, and the skin becomes inflamed and begins to look wrinkled.

From the thigh: 7 foods to avoid for a beautiful figure

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If you cannot completely abstain from meat products, prefer those that contain less salt.


Cheese also counts sources of large amounts of salt. As in the case of processed meat, excessive salt intake disrupts the water-salt balance in the body, retaining fluid and worsening the general condition of the skin.

Increasing the amount of water can reduce the negative effect of eating cheese.

Avocados, nuts and dried fruits

While these three foods are considered essential to a healthy diet, they should not be overused. By themselves, they are high in calories. For example, the recommended 30 g serving of nut mix contains 182 calories. However, most people do not bother with accurate measurements when having a snack and eat much more.

If you eat too much of even the right foods at a time, they will not be more beneficial than junk food.

From the thigh: 7 foods to avoid for a beautiful figure

Ideal product or just a myth? Why healthy people are obsessed with avocados

An exotic fruit has a lot of positive properties, but you need to know the rules of consumption if we want to lose weight.


Alcoholic drinks also do not really fit in with classical ideas about a healthy lifestyle. Specifically for the thighs, alcohol promotes cellulite. It puts additional stress on the liver and helps to break down collagen fibers, which are responsible for skin firmness and elasticity.

From the thigh: 7 foods to avoid for a beautiful figure

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Coffee contains caffeine in large quantities. It provokes the release of adrenaline and increases the load on the glands responsible for its production. Thus, the body has to make additional efforts to get rid of the adrenal glands of excess adrenaline. Therefore, excessive coffee consumption increases the risk of fat deposition in problem areas, including the hips.

From the thigh: 7 foods to avoid for a beautiful figure

Coffee can be beneficial. The main thing is to choose it correctly

This drink has both pros and cons. But what do scientists think?

Although it is impossible to lose weight in a specific place, you can achieve beautiful hips by generally getting rid of extra kilogramsmmov. In addition, special attention can be paid to the condition of the skin, because the legs are one of the most vulnerable places for cellulite.

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