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From sports to show business. Stars with the title of candidate for master of sports

Sports were present in the life of each of us in one way or another. Even in those distant physical education lessons in elementary grades. Someone decides to devote his whole life to him, while someone stops at the level of youthful hobby. But among those who tried to connect their future with sports, there are famous popular personalities. We are talking about Russian stars who have achieved the titles of candidates for master of sports.

Diana Pozharskaya

Diana is a young and talented actress who became famous thanks to her shooting in the series Hotel Eleon, where she was assigned one of the main roles in the plot. Of course, the girl did an excellent job and was immediately remembered by the audience.

As a child, her parents sent Diana to sports ballroom dancing classes. At that moment, no one could have imagined that simple training would develop into something more. However, the future actress literally fell in love with dancing. The girl gave all her strength in classes and competitions, and soon this led to excellent results. Diana Pozharskaya won prizes at championships, and a few years later she was awarded the category of candidate for master of sports. Unfortunately, at the age of 19, a successful and impetuous career came to an end. The girl suffered a knee injury. This event led to Diana's departure from sports dancing, but launched her theatrical success.

Dmitry Guberniev

Dmitry Guberniev, of course, is known to almost every Russian for his fantastic style of commenting and charisma. The TV presenter is the winner of four TEFI awards. He is the voice of Russian biathlon. However, few people know that Dmitry Guberniev is not only an outstanding journalist, but also a professional athlete.

In 1995, the journalist graduated from the faculty of the Russian Academy of Physical Culture. He is the owner of the first adult category in cross-country skiing and the title of master of sports in rowing. Dmitry even worked as a fitness instructor.

These skills are a great background for a sports journalist. Knowledge and experience help Dmitry to be a real expert in almost all sports. The presenter is still in excellent physical shape and continues to actively lead a healthy lifestyle.

Christina Asmus

For more than a month on the Internet, disputes about the last role of Christina Asmus have not subsided. However, it is still impossible not to recognize the talent of the young actress. Christina's career began in 2010 with the Russian TV series Interns, where she played the role of Varvara Chernous. It was this work that brought the girl popularity and invitations to shoot in other films.

Today Christina has 17 film roles. But the actress treats sports with the same trepidation. As a child, Asmus was professionally engaged in gymnastics and achieved serious success in her, having received the category of candidate for master of sports.

It is worth noting that her sports past helps Christina on the set. As a picture Champions: Faster. Higher. Stronger actress played the role of gymnast Svetlana Khorkina. Thanks to her skills, Christina in most cases refused the help of stuntmen and performed elements and tricks on her own.

Roman Kurtsyn

If you can hardly guess the sports past of previous celebrities, then you should talk about the actor Roman Kurtsyn without any questions. The young man is in great athletic form and looks more like a bodybuilder.

The actor is known for such movies like Walk, Vasya !, I'm losing weight and the TV series Sword. Roman began his career as a stuntman. Even now, he performs many of the tricks on his own, and he does it very effectively.

Roman's entire childhood was associated with sports. The list of his skills is amazing: equestrian sports, fencing, juggling, gymnastics, stage combat, acrobatics. At the age of 16, Kurtsyn began to get involved in arm wrestling. After three years of fruitful training, Roman became the champion of Russia. Now he recalls with great warmth the time when he devoted himself entirely to sports. Apparently, that's why the actor recently decided to try himself in bodybuilding, where he managed to compete with professionals.


The work of the legendary Russian rock singer leaves few people indifferent. Her music is inspiring and often thought-provoking. Few people know that Zemfira is also a candidate for master of sports in basketball. Yes, it’s hard to imagine that the singer could gather thousands of fans on the sports grounds, maybe even in the NBA league.

In the third grade, the girl came to the sports section, and a year later she was transferred to the basketball special class. In early 1990, she became the captain of the Russian women's junior basketball team, despite the fact that she was not very tall. Zemfira could grow up to play in the main Russian national team, but fate brought her to the Ufa School of Arts. The girl then faced a difficult choice: music or basketball. The result of this thought is fame and an incredible creative career.

Olga Seryabkina

Olga is a singer known for her participation in the female pop group Serebro. In recent years, it has become the hallmark of the group. However, now the usual line-up has been disbanded. Olya did not stop and decided to start a solo career under the pseudonym MOLLY.

Like many celebrities, Seryabkina has been fond of sports since childhood. time in the gym, and a few years ago she was professionally engaged in ballroom dancing. On her account there were many victories. This brought the girl the rank of CCM. Olga even performed in the dancer of the popular artist Irakli Pirtskhalava, where she was noticed by the future producer Maxim Fadeev.

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