How To Lose Weight | Trainer Gains and Loses 60 POUNDS in 'Fit to Fat to Fit'

From pitching to fat and back. Tough experiment made fitness trainer famous

Other people's problems often seem to us far-fetched and not too serious. So the fitness instructor from Australia Paul James , who had a beautifully shaped body, could not understand why his clients have difficulty fighting overweight. All you need is to play sports and eat right. Is it really that difficult? - Paul wondered. The inability to realize what exactly prevents people with obesity from putting themselves in order did not give the guy peace of mind. And in the end, she pushed him to a bold and extreme experiment.

Paul gave up what seemed to him the only possible way of life for six months in order to significantly recover and feel all the problems of his clients. The athlete was sure that then he would easily get rid of the gained pounds and become a good example for those who want to lose weight. But what was planned as a fun adventure almost turned into a personal disaster for James.

From pitching to fat and back. Tough experiment made fitness trainer famous

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Refusal to exercise and a lot of junk food

At the first stage of the experiment, Paul forbade himself to go to the gym, and generally tried to get up from the couch as little as possible. A significant role in the transformation from a rolling into a fat man was assigned to the diet. James, who used to be attentive to what he eats, began to lean on fatty, sweet and starchy foods. He now ate a big pizza, a giant hamburger, a bunch of chocolate chip cookies, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, chips and chocolates daily.

The experimenter washed it down with liters of beer, sweet soda and chocolate milk. Naturally, there was no place for vegetables and fruits in this diet. At the same time, Paul not only ate junk food, but also violated all the rules of healthy eating: he ate huge portions without any schedule and deliberately gorged himself before bed.

From pitching to fat and back. Tough experiment made fitness trainer famous

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Plus 45 kg and depression

The result of such a diet was not long in coming. The floor, which weighed 79.5 kg at the beginning of the crazy experiment, in just a month broke the mark in a centner, and there was no trace of the cubes on the press and relief muscles. After six months of bullying his own body, James saw 124 kg on the scales, that is, in just six months the guy gained 44.5 kg. Interestingly, for the last two months, he did not force food into himself, but simply ate what he wanted. Thus, the trainer's stomach adapted to the huge amounts of food and already perceived the extreme diet as normal.

Initially Paul thought that extra pounds would be noticeable only on the scales and in the mirror, but gradually the daredevil began to feel on imagine all the delights of obesity. He became withdrawn, shy and timid, he was uncomfortable communicating with people, and the sofa became his favorite place in the world for the once active guy. On top of that, James completely lost his confidence, became resentful, and faced serious depression for the first time. The wild race for weight also affected physical health quite significantly: blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood increased significantly, immunity was weakened, which led to frequent colds.

From pitching to fat and back. Tough experiment made fitness trainer famous

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Difficult getting back in shape

When the doctors the athlete was diagnosed with first-degree obesity, Paul realized that the first stage of the hard experience on himself was successfully completed. It's time to get back to the right way of life, but it was at this stage that the problems began. The exercises that the trainer used to do without any effort were now incredibly difficult, but it was even more difficult to return to proper nutrition, giving up fatty and sweet foods. During the experiment, James, in fact, became a different person. The new James had difficulty with willpower and wondered more than once whether it was worth spending so much effort returning to his former condition.

But the Australian still overcame himself, found motivation and was able to bring his plan to a happy ending. Thanks to a special set of exercises developed by Paul for himself, over the next six months he managed to get rid of purposefully gained kilograms and again see 79.5 kg on the scales.

Paul recalls that during the first months of the second stage he felt fear for his future more than once. It seemed to him that it was almost impossible to return to its previous form, and if it did, then flabby skin would hang from everywhere. Fortunately, thanks to hard work in the gym and proper nutrition, the guy's fears were not confirmed - a year after the start of the marathon, he looked almost the same as before.

From pitching to fat and back. Tough experiment made fitness trainer famous

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Growing popularity and harsh criticism

Participation in extreme The experiment not only brought Paul an impressed client, but also helped him gain worldwide fame. Fitness trainers began to be invited to television and radio, to motivating trainings and to photossessions for popular magazines. They even made a documentary about James' experience.

The transformation from a jock into a fat man and back turned into a brilliant PR move. As often happens in such cases, James came under fire from skeptics. Many nutritionists and trainers are sure that it is simply unrealistic for a person who has suffered from obesity for years to repeat the path of a professional instructor.

It is possible that the Australian really cheated a little in the pursuit of fame. But, you see, the result of his experiment still looks impressive and motivates great. The author of the high-profile project himself does not regret participating in it, but admits that he would not subject himself to such bullying a second time.

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