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From personal experience: which celebrity has already contracted the coronavirus

More and more people are falling ill with coronavirus infection. To date, the number of infected in the world has exceeded 700 thousand people, and in Russia - more than 1.5 thousand. The pandemic does not bypass celebrities. One of the first infected among Hollywood actors was Tom Hanks and his wife, then the disease also struck world and domestic pop stars, politicians and athletes. We tell you which celebrity has already become infected with the coronavirus.

Olga Kurylenko

The actress, known for her role as the girl of super-agent James Bond in the film "Quantum of Solace", a week ago announced on her Instagram about confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus.

On March 28, it became known that Olga had recovered and even shared the details of her illness on a social network. The entire period she stayed at home with a high fever and took paracetamol. According to the doctors, hospitalization was unnecessary because the girl was mildly ill.

From personal experience: which celebrity has already contracted the coronavirus

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Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

The wife of Canadian Prime Minister Sophie Gregoire Trudeau two weeks ago they were diagnosed with coronavirus. It was reported that the disease was mild and all this time the woman felt well. The prime minister also decided to go into self-isolation and work from home, although he had no symptoms of illness.

The wife of the Prime Minister was in London shortly before her illness, where she attended various events. The main version is that Sophie could have brought the disease from England. In addition, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau posed for a photo with F1 pilot Lewis Hamilton and actor Idris Elba at the Wembley Arena We Day event on March 4.

Idris Elba and Sabrina Dour

British actor Idris Elba also contracted a coronavirus infection. This became known on March 16. Idris said that he feels fine and is in quarantine with his wife Sabrina Dour.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

One of the first star couples to test positive for coronavirus infection was Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson. The couple became infected in Australia. They received treatment at a local hospital, and then served a two-week quarantine in a rented house in a foreign country.

Now the American actor is together returned to the USA with his wife. They are in their own home in Los AnJeles and continue to monitor their health.

Prince Charles

The son of the Queen of Great Britain, Prince Charles, has also been tested for infection. The result was positive. A royal official reports that the 71-year-old prince has mild symptoms but is otherwise in good health.

Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also been diagnosed with coronavirus. According to the prime minister, he developed the first symptoms of the disease - cough and fever, so he decided to isolate himself in his residence. Despite his illness, he will continue to run the government.

David Brian

Keyboard and back vocalist of the American rock band Bon Jovi David Brian received a positive test for coronavirus infection. On his page on the social network, he said that he had been sick for a week. The musician urged his compatriots not to be afraid and expressed the hope that with the help of every American they will be able to finish it soon. This is the flu, not the plague, the musician wrote.

Placido Domingo

Spanish opera singer Placido Domingo wrote that he is quarantining with his family. The 79-year-old artist was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. According to him, he had the first symptoms - cough and fever, so he decided to take the test. Now the state of Domingo and all members of his family is good.

Together we can fight this virus and stop the current global crisis, so that, I hope, very soon we can return to our normal daily life, - wrote the singer.

From personal experience: which celebrity has already contracted the coronavirus

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From personal experience: which celebrity has already contracted the coronavirus

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Lev Leshchenko

78-year-old singer Lev Leshchenko is in hospital in Kommunarka with a positive diagnosis for coronavirus infection. The chief physician wrote on his Facebook page about the patient's health that the patient's condition worsened on the first day after admission. The performer had shortness of breath and decreased blood oxygenation. However, according to the doctor, the patient's condition is stable today.

Boris Akunin

The writer and translator Boris Akunin's illness was accompanied by a high fever, which had to be brought down with pills for ten days. The writer's wife also suffered from a mild form of the disease, but, as Akunin himself writes, for one daythere was a slight fever, two days of a slight headache and the sense of smell disappeared.

In a post on Facebook, Boris urged people not to be afraid and avoid panic, as well as observe quarantine.

From personal experience: which celebrity has already contracted the coronavirus

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The List Of Celebs With Coronavirus Keeps Growing

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