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From extreme to extreme. Emily Brand went from anorexia to bodybuilding in two years

At the age of 17, the British Emily Brand weighed 31 kg, and now she's pumped up so that she wins competitions among bodybuilders. She was able to overcome her fear of food and a mirror, but in return she received another addiction. The girl became obsessed with building muscles and rocking, and her methods of building a new body are questionable.

Friends made fun of me

Anorexia usually begins with the careless words of loved ones, classmates, fellow students, colleagues work. Emily began to develop this disease at school when she was only 11 years old. Girlfriends began to make fun of me, although I have never been overweight. Now I understand that at the age of 11 such conversations look ridiculous. But it stuck in my head that I need to eat less, - said the girl.

No sooner said than done. At first, Brand began to throw breakfast in the bin, then she gave up school lunches, and in the end it came to the point that she ate one apple all day. At the same time, Emily was engaged in athletics, namely, running at medium and long distances.

She began conflicts with her mother, who urged her daughter to get rid of the crap out of her head and start eating normally. At the age of 14, the British woman first went to the hospital, her condition was critical. She was so weak that she could not move herself - only in a wheelchair.

From extreme to extreme. Emily Brand went from anorexia to bodybuilding in two years

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The girl left the hospital only a year later. In a year, can you imagine? But after a short time, problems began again. Emily stopped eating again, her illness would not let her go.

At 17, Brand weighed only 31 kg. She was again taken to the hospital where she was force-fed. The girl resisted, poured out special cocktails, threw away food, but at some point she realized one simple thing: if she continued to resist, she simply would not leave the hospital.

With the help of doctors, Emily overcame her nightmare. And the point is not only that she began to gain weight, but also that she ceased to be afraid to look in the mirror, the fear of food almost disappeared. Seven months later, the British woman was discharged from the hospital with a weight of 44 kg. She was not yet completely healthy, but already became a different person.

From extreme to extreme. Emily Brand went from anorexia to bodybuilding in two years

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From anorexia to bodybuilding in two years

Two years later, Brand weighed 53 kg. Moreover, according to her wordsam, the increase was in muscle mass - plus 9 kg of solid muscles! How is this possible?

Emily began to visit the gym regularly, but given her background, she did not succeed quickly. She still didn't eat enough of the right food to gain muscle mass.

In the gym, the girl met coach Rob Reinaldo, who volunteered to help Emily become different. But only on condition that she completely revises the nutrition plan. Now Brand eats six times a day, the calorie content of her diet is about 3000 kcal. In two years, the British woman turned from anorexic into a powerful bodybuilder, who almost daily uploads photos to social networks in which she demonstrates a pile of muscles.

And coach Reinaldo hardly stopped only on proper nutrition. In sports universities, while studying physiology, teachers argue that in a natural way, with proper training, in a year, you can achieve an increase in lean muscle mass by no more than 3-4 kg. But it is impossible to achieve what Brand has achieved in the usual way.

Judging according to the saturated instagram, it can be assumed that Emily used chemistry to gain weight - growth hormone, testosterone and other special drugs. They speed up metabolism, improve cell nutrition. It all looks like a fast forward button, but with side effects on the body that are unlikely to allow you to return to its original state. After all, if something enters the body from the outside, then naturally it practically stops being produced.

From extreme to extreme. Emily Brand went from anorexia to bodybuilding in two years

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The new hobby turned into an addiction that the girl simply does not notice. After getting rid of one disease, Emily Brand got another.

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