Fresh look: the life of the Championship editorial staff through the eyes of a new GoPro

The Championship edition is a large mechanism, which, unfortunately, does not always work like clockwork. Especially on New Year's Eve. Nerves are at the limit, everyone is in a hurry to leave burning deadlines in 2019 and enter the new year with a clear conscience. On days like this, we need help more than ever. And how on time the new GoPro Hero 8 Black appeared in the editorial office. We will tell you how its chips made our life easier, and how this camera can be useful for you. Even if you don't plan to spend all the holidays descending snow-covered slopes or conquering ocean waves.

Stabilize in any situation

The updated HyperSmooth 2.0 offers improved stabilization performance without cropping. If you are not against a significant crop, then you can also increase the stability in the frame in Boost mode. With video stabilization, everything is clear, but what about nervous journalists with tons of deadlines?

Take the weight off your shoulders

Camera, lens, flash, one more lens - how much it takes sometimes to do good shot. The GoPro Hero 8 weighs just 103 grams, which is 11% less than the Hero 7. The small and lightweight camera fits easily into the myriad of boxes and packages of our PR manager.

Delegate authority

A very convenient function when there is no time to press buttons. The camera knows 14 commands and we thought it would be nice to add a fifteenth.

Take a new look

If you are the person who constantly does not fit on the selfie, closes at the wrong moment eyes and in the end remains without pictures with friends, then we found a way out. The widest angle of view will capture everyone, and even take live photos.

By the way, the angle of shooting is so wide that even a large team of the editors on table football fit into the frame.

Stop in time

Fast-paced recording goes live with just one touch.
The editorial office also has a time and a place where the function to stop on time is extremely necessary. And this is the very moment when the stock of cookies in the kitchen is updated.

As it turned out, preserving harmony in our edition is not an easy task, but quite doable. Favorite cookies, foosball, and support in difficult situations will save all deadlines and resolve even the most heated headline debates.

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