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Fragile but strong. 10 girls in men's sports

We are used to thinking that some sports are dominated by men. The whole world can follow the men's soccer and basketball teams, while the women athletes are left behind. But this does not mean that women's teams play less technically and do not show such high results. It just happened historically.

Still, sports are not about gender differences, but about perseverance, willpower and the desire to win. To prove this, we will tell you about ten impressive girls in seemingly men's sports.

Daria Tulyakova

Sports: Karate.

Daria Tulyakova devotes almost all her free time to karate. Once in an interview, the athlete admitted: she only has time to train and study every day. Currently, Daria is a member of the Russian women's national team, regularly appears at international competitions and is still nervous before competitions.

At the beginning of October, Tulyakova took part in the Premier League Karate1 2019, where our women's team defeated a group from Slovakia and took bronze. By the way, Luca Valdezi has been the idol of the athlete since his youth - in the world of karate he needs no introduction. With such a good example, Tulyakova definitely has something to strive for.

Fragile but strong. 10 girls in men's sports

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Shannon Sabadosh

Sports: ice hockey.

It's a shame not to know this name in the world of women's hockey. At 33, Shannon is one of the most titled players in her sport, with two Olympic gold medals and one silver medal. In addition, the goalkeeper of the Canadian national team won the world championship in 2012 and occupied the third position in this tournament three times. By the way, the athlete played in a team not only with women, but also with men. For example, she spent a couple of years of her career with the Columbus Cottonmouths men's club.

On The Vancouver Olympics Sabadosh accomplished what female hockey players had never done before. In the final match against the United States, she was able to keep her team's goal intact.

Irina Sidorkova

Sports: Motorsport.

Ira Sidorkova is only 16 years old, but this does not prevent her from conquering the tracks of the Spanish Formula 4. The main dream and at the same time the goal of the girl is to become a pilot of the most prestigious Formula seriesa-1. By the way, Irina's favorite sportsman, German racer Sebastian Vettel, also performs there.

Sidorkova's love for motorsport appeared when she was 6 years old. She accidentally saw an advertisement for a karting track and persuaded her parents to drive a couple of laps. At that moment, Ira realized: she likes speed too much so as not to test her strength in racing. And, indeed, soon this sport became for her not just a hobby, but a way of life.

Daria Beloded

Sports : judo.

Daria started practicing judo for a reason as a child, because she had a great example before her eyes. Her parents, Gennady Beloded and Svetlana Kuznetsova, are both professional judokas. They began to train their daughter, although initially they were unhappy with her sports choice.

Now Beloded is showing amazing results in the international sports arena. This year in Tokyo, the Ukrainian athlete was able to defend the title of world champion in judo, and the youngest in history. Currently, Beloded is striving to win the gold of the 2020 Olympics.

Fragile but strong. 10 girls in men's sports

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Fragile but strong. 10 girls in men's sports

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Lauren Sesselmann

Sports: football.

Lauren Sesselman has been called one more than once of the most beautiful athletes in the world. In addition to her spectacular appearance, Lauren surprises fans with her football skills. The girl plays as a defender in the Canadian national team and the American club Santa Clarita Blue Heat, and is also proud of the bronze medal of the London Olympics.

Sesselman studied Advertising and Marketing at Purdue University, but she did not try to work in her specialty. During her studies, Lauren began playing for the local Purdue Boilermakers football team. As we can all see, the athlete is still loyal to football.


Sports: football.

Brazilian athlete Marta Silva (or simply Martha) is a true star of women's football. If Messi and Ronaldo have been fighting for the title of the best player according to FIFA for a decade, and the result isThe polish is always unpredictable, then among the girls everything was too stable for a long time. The Orlando Pride striker was voted best footballer five times in a row between 2006 and 2010. She also took the prestigious golden ball again this year.

For her career Marta managed to play for clubs in Sweden (Umeå, Tureso, Rosengord), USA (Los Angeles Sol, FC Gold Pride, Western New York Flash) and Brazil (Santa Cruz, Santo). In addition, the 33-year-old athlete became a two-time Olympic silver medalist with the Brazilian national team. To make sure that Martha is an unsurpassed player, let's say that she recently set an absolute record for the number of goals scored in the world championships. Yes, yes, even men have not yet been able to repeat her achievement - 17 balls into the opponent's goal.

Elena Delle Donne

Sports: basketball.

The Washington Mystics has been named the Women's NBA Most Valuable Player this year. But Elena's story didn't always reflect a love of basketball. While studying at the university, dislike for the chosen sport reached a boil. And to such an extent that the girl brought out the word I hate on a basketball ball with a black marker. When Delle Donne won the Olympic Games in Rio, her former coach John Noonan sent her a photo of the very ball that the man had kept for 9 years.

Elena is currently playing defender and forward. Of the latest achievements - first place at the World Championships in Spain last year. In 2014, the basketball player joined Special Olympics as an ambassador, an international organization that helps develop sports and organize events for people with intellectual disabilities.

Ronda Rousey

Sports: wrestling.

The first and former UFC dominant champion has completed almost all of her fights in MMA in the first round. And it took her an average of 1 minute and 4 seconds to defeat her opponents in the last three battles. Despite a successful career and numerous titles in this direction, in 2018 Rhonda went into wrestling and unexpectedly appeared on the WWE show.

January marked the year of Rousey's full-fledged career in a new role. During this time, the girl held the RAW Women's Championship for 231 days, finally losing to Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 35.

Fragile but strong. 10 girls in men's sports

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Fragile but strong. 10 girls in men's sports

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Alex Morgan

Sports: football.

Many people award the US striker the title of the sexiest soccer player in the world. Alex is really a beautiful girl. But she is also a good player. Currently, Morgan plays for French Lyon, and in 2015 she was the highest paid athlete in her sport. At that time, Alex's fee was $ 450 thousand, although according to the official data of the US Women's League, girls did not receive more than $ 200 thousand. Thanks to sponsorship payments and various bonuses, Morgan was able to double the maximum salary.

The main achievement of this year for the footballer was the victory at the World Cup in France as part of Saturday ornoy USA. She has already won the world championship in 2015 in Canada and also ranked second in 2011 in Germany. In addition, Alex is the proud owner of a gold medal at the London Olympics.

Alexander Ordin

Sports: boxing.

Alexandra started boxing in Voronezh under the guidance of coach Viktor Baranov. Later, the athlete went to the Northern capital and began to play for SKA St. Petersburg. By the age of 32, Ordina won the title of European champion and twice Russian champion.

Now Alexandra enters the ring in the category up to 64 kilograms, and since 2016 she has been a member of the Russian national boxing team. It is interesting that during her stay in Voronezh, Ordina managed to get two higher educations: at the Technical University and at the Institute of Physical Culture. Even now, a female fighter does not abandon her studies, receiving a PhD in graduate school at the Department of Management.

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