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Fractional food for weight loss: effective or not?

Despite the huge number of cutting-edge weight loss methods, the most effective are the simplest methods. Eating often, but little by little, is a very healthy eating habit that you just need to introduce into your life. After all, fractional nutrition is a simple and effective way to become slimmer without the constant feeling of hunger and guilt for constant breakdowns in the diet. And most importantly - without a sharp change in lifestyle.

They grow fat from hunger

... and they also feel guilty and go all out, buying cakes and chocolates, trying to stir up the body with fast carbohydrates and a couple of tablespoons of sugar.

Remember the main thing: there is a huge amount of toxins in the fat layer. When you are hungry, you are forcing the body to feed off of already stored fat. As a result, toxins and toxins enter the bloodstream and poison all organ systems. Therefore, uncontrolled fasting (unless, of course, you do this under the supervision of a doctor) can exacerbate various diseases.

Natural weight loss

The very principle of fractional nutrition for weight loss is that weight loss with this diet is due to the following factors.

  • Short food breaks keep you from getting hungry. This eliminates the risk of overeating.
  • Fat begins to be deposited in fat depots only if more than 2 hours pass between meals. Therefore, the shorter the breaks between meals, the more effect such a diet will help to achieve.
  • Fractional nutrition helps to cleanse the body, improves metabolism. All these processes automatically contribute to weight loss and maintenance of normal weight.
  • Split meals are not a rigid diet, so returning to your normal diet does not lead to a quick return of lost weight.
Fractional food for weight loss: effective or not?

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Some useful rules:

  • We recommend combining this diet with vigorous exercise for maximum effect.
  • Three main meals are absolutely not to be missed. They give your body the maximum amount of energy.
  • It is advisable to train the body to eat at the same time - it will be much easier for you to control yourself.
  • Make sure you have fiber in your daily diet.
  • The rule of not eating after 18:00 does not apply to this diet. However, it is recommended to eat at least three hours before bedtime.
  • Drink as much liquid as possible.

Tip: if you have no idea where to find time to prepare a five-time menu for the day and you find it difficult to organize this process on your own, use the service for the delivery of ready-made healthy food. Not so long ago, we tested nutritionfrom Let Be Fit . Further in the material we will share with you extracts from the Light diet (1000-1100 Kcal per day).

You can also use the option trial menu and order a meal program for one day (990 rubles).

Approximate ration of five meals a day

Breakfast = proteins + carbohydrates

Why? The ideal breakfast should be rich in complex carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates are fast energy: they are intensively broken down into calories and instantly provide us with a burst of energy. Proteins, on the other hand, release energy slowly and provide us with an additional resource.

In the Let Be Fit menu: Omelet with mushrooms and herbs
Ingredients: milk 2%, eggs, mushrooms, spices
Calories: 264 Kcal - 29.6 Proteins / 11.2 Fats / 11.4 Carbohydrates

Second breakfast = fiber + protein

Grilled cheese cakes with raisins
Ingredients: 2.5% farm cottage cheese, raisins, stevia, baking powder, egg.
Calories: 187Kcal - 18.6 Proteins / 3.9 Fats / 19.5 Carbohydrates

Nastya Tsymbarevich: My colleagues and I tested the Light program for a week. In my opinion, there are a lot of undeniable advantages in using a food delivery service: you can devote the evening cooking time to talking with loved ones or your beloved. And if you suddenly feel severe hunger during the working day, then there is no need to run for snacks to the nearest supermarket for a snack or wait for colleagues to accompany you and gather for lunch. In addition, I became convinced that five meals a day can be varied and this is its main advantage. Personally, I sometimes found it very difficult to follow a strict diet because of the same dishes and products in the diet.

Lunch = protein + fiber + carbohydrates

The diet should be balanced. It should have room for protein, carbohydrates, and fiber.

Mini-skewers of chicken fillet and bulgur with vegetables
Ingredients: chicken fillet, soy sauce, spices, assorted vegetables.
Calories: 245 Kcal - 17.6 Proteins / 7.3 Fats / 27.2 Carbohydrates

Afternoon snack = light carbohydrate load.

Greek salad
Ingredients : feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, olives, dressing
Calories: 194 Kcal - 12.95 Proteins / 4 Fats / 26.75 Carbohydrates

Dinner = protein.

Cod, baked with vegetable lecho
Ingredients: cod, assorted vegetables, corn flour, spices, tomato sauce
Calories: 250 Kcal - 29.8 Proteins / 9 Fats / 12.4 Carbohydrates

Five meals a day has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Small portions five times a day are quickly digested, absorbed and excreted from the body, which means that excess fats do not havenot the slightest chance to linger and turn into extra pounds. Eat tasty, correct and balanced! Remember that you are what you eat.

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