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Fox Mountain Cross: a new running format

On April 15, Bitsevsky Park will host the first Fox Mountain Cross Country this year - a cross-country race organized by the Running Community team. The first classic cross-country race in Moscow for a mass audience took place in October last year. The competition was held on a circular track with separate starts for different age categories. More than 600 people were able to try their hand at the new discipline of athletics and plunge into the unique atmosphere of the competition.

Cross Country is one of the most spectacular sporting events, as the race is organized in a circle and allows spectators to move from one point to another, continuously watching the progress of the sporting struggle. And the high competition generated by the division into groups for men and women contributes to the increased interest from the fans.

The cross season is traditionally held in autumn and spring. Races of this format are especially popular in the USA and Great Britain and annually attract the attention of hundreds of participants and spectators with their spectacularity and dynamism.

Fox Mountain Cross: a new running format

Photo: Moskovsky Marathon

The organizers of the most massive races in Russia set the task of acquainting their audience with new races formats and attracting a large number of participants to them. In 2018, the Running Community team will hold the cross twice - on April 15 and October 14.

Fox Mountain Cross: a new running format

Photo: Moscow Marathon

Anyone over 18 years old can take part in Fox Mountain. The starts at distances from 2 km to 8 km are divided by age groups and are held separately for men and women, as is customary in the world practice of cross-country running. The three leaders of each category and distance will be awarded prizes.


  • 2 km - girls 18-19 years old;
  • 4 km - boys 18-19 years old and women from 35 years old;
  • 6 km - women 20-34 years old and men over 35 years old;
  • 8 km - men 20-34 years old.

Registration for the race is open until April 6.

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