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Forever young mother. Many do not believe that school teacher Jolene Diaz is 43

No one believes that the native of the Philippines Jolian Diaz is actually 43 years old. Looking at the photographs of the girl, you cannot even imagine this. Subscribers call her the hottest mom in the world, since she already has a daughter, which will be discussed a little later.

Is it really all about the clean Filipino air that allows girls to always look 19 years old? It is unlikely, because Jolene has been living in California for quite some time - sunny, but certainly not perfectly clean. Diaz on her blog reveals the secret of the success of eternal beauty, and also shares funny stories from family life and talks about the habits that help her to always be in shape. Now, during the global quarantine, this is especially important.

How the forever young teacher lives ?

Let's start with Jolene teaching at a California elementary school. And this is her main and permanent job. And the girl leads her blog and social networks in her free time at school. And we can only envy the happy Californian children who have such a progressive teacher.

Is it worth it say that Diaz leads an exceptionally healthy lifestyle. She believes that the main secret of her youth is thorough skin care. It's a kind of religion for me. I started looking after my skin at the age of 12 or 13. Every day I wash my face for a long time before bed and after I wake up in the morning, - Jolene admits.

The California teacher also always wears sunblock on her skin. And he assures that this should be done in any weather, not even the hottest. She also strongly advises everyone to use Vitamin A.

Forever young mother. Many do not believe that school teacher Jolene Diaz is 43

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Is this really a daughter?

In some photographs she can be seen with an equally beautiful girl. Subscribers were sure that this was Diaz's sister because of the strong external similarity. Imagine their surprise when it turned out that this was Jolene's daughter named Meilini Parks .

The teacher's daughter is 19 years old. And as they both say, they have been mistaken for sisters for a long time. Apparently, they even like it, because they really communicate and act like girlfriends of the same age.

At the same time, Jolyne does not completely refuse alcohol and can afford a glass of another for a good mood. It is much more important to have a balanced meal, a lot of rest and a healthy diet.

How to train to look young?

Just six months ago she had about 30 thousand subscribers, and now she has almost 200 thousand. And for them she regularly uploads videos from workouts. Now this is relevant and most importantly, people can do this at home with little or no means at hand.

Subscribers respond gratefully to 43-year-old Diaz and leave funny and sometimes frank comments. You are the hottest mom in the world, - wrote one of them.

Forever young mother. Many do not believe that school teacher Jolene Diaz is 43

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Forever young mother. Many do not believe that school teacher Jolene Diaz is 43

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How This Mom Looks More Like Her Daughter’s Sister

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