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For home and body: how many calories can you burn when cleaning

House cleaning is a tedious obligation for you? Do you look with horror at the clouds of dust in the corners and mountains of dishes in the sink and do not know how to force yourself not to shirk from household chores? Or, on the contrary, spend whole days at work or study and there is barely enough free time for cleaning, but not a minute is left to maintain physical shape? You can substitute any reason that suits you in order to look at cleaning from a new perspective. With a little sport added to your daily routine, you can have a great workout with a vacuum cleaner and a cloth at the ready.

For home and body: how many calories can you burn when cleaning

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A couple of life hacks that will help you stay in shape even without intense training.

First, take some time. Merely washing dishes or dusting off will not cause your body to burn calories. Carry out cleaning, so completely the whole house. Create the atmosphere - play uplifting music to lift your spirits, put on your gym clothes - T-shirt, leggings / shorts and trainers. This will not only set you in the right mood, but will also help prevent injury.

Washing the dishes

This is a great way to warm up. As you load your hands, wiping away dried stains from plates and pans, don't forget about your feet. Place your feet shoulder-width apart and rise on your toes. Hold this position for 10 seconds and slowly lower yourself. Repeat 10 times, take several approaches with one minute breaks. Another option is to dance. In this way, you can burn about 50 calories in 30 minutes.

For home and body: how many calories can you burn when cleaning


Dusting and polishing furniture

This exercise uses the muscles of the arms, shoulders and abs. When dusting, don't be lazy to rinse the rag more often - this will take more steps. And squeeze it harder - this will put a load on the pectoral muscles. Extra weight can be gained by dusting the lower benches while squatting - a great workout for your quads and glutes. When polishing furniture, use wax - it takes more energy to grind it than using a spray. This burns about 130 calories per hour (with additional squats - and even more).


A very useful exercise that can be varied in the same way as washing dishes. Try to wield the iron, standing alternately on the left and on the right leg - this not only uses the muscles, but also develops coordination. Place your laundry basket on the floor and do classic squats when reaching for a new item.

For home and body: how many calories can you burn when cleaning

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Cleaning the floor

By moving the vacuum cleaner hose back and forth, you train the press, in addition, this process is conveniently accompaniedgive deep lunges. In hard-to-reach places - under sofas, beds or bedside tables - you can vacuum while squatting. This activity will burn 190 calories per hour. Do not mop the floors, but use your hands to burn 240 calories per hour.

Washing windows

This is one of the most energy-intensive parts of cleaning - in 30 minutes you can burn 167 calories. Again, diversify your wash by getting up and down on tiptoe, and in between windows, you can give yourself an extra load of squats.

For home and body: how many calories can you burn when cleaning

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Carpet knocking

Do you have carpets to dust off? Now is the time to do it, so you will spend 250 calories in 30 minutes.


Did you clean up and work up an appetite? Half an hour of cooking will burn an additional 150 calories. Peel vegetables, cut, beat. Especially a lot of energy is wasted when kneading dough.

How did a woman lose 35 kg just doing housework?

Do you still find it doubtful that cleaning will help you get rid of those extra pounds? Then here's a real example for you - a housewife from Texas Talitta Coleman lost 35 kilograms doing ordinary household chores!

To lose weight, the girl began to eat right and added physical activity to cleaning and other household chores. For example, instead of just lazily walking around the house with a vacuum cleaner, she crouches or walks on tiptoe at the same time.

Paula Coleman washes her hands, and even in a squat. If you do the same as I do, your leg muscles will burn! Front, back, and buttocks.

For home and body: how many calories can you burn when cleaning

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Coleman lives on a farm, keeping horses and cows. She turned unloading animal feed into a workout for her legs - she carries heavy bags on her shoulders, and at the same time does deep lunges.

Another tip from Coleman is playing with pets. When you rush back and forth, play with dogs, your pulse jumps up, your breathing gets out of hand. I start to sweat and have fun at the same time, it doesn't feel like exercise, says Talitta. Outdoor games with children give a similar effect.

To lose a pound a week, you need to burn 500 calories a day, - says the girl. She doesn't need gym membership for this - there are many things at home with which you can kill two birds with one stone.

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