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Football detox: 11 sports news not about the 2018 World Cup

The World Cup is gaining momentum, which means that a special atmosphere reigns in Russia now. You can just walk around, chat with fans from all over the world, and enjoy life. And you can go beyond this and visit interesting and healthy events.

In our today's digest, we have collected several events in which you can invest your energy. Among them are a sports festival for children and adolescents, the Nike Box space in Gorky Park, the Reebok challenge and much more. And, of course, we will not leave you without information about new products: in our material there is an exclusive from adidas, Sergey Shnurov, Yuri Dudy, Irina Gorbacheva and Pokras Lampas, as well as smart gadgets - watches that use the energy of your body, a cardioflash and an anti-loss keychain.

Events for active and energetic

Nike Box creative site in Gorky Park

June 12, legendary Brazilian Ronaldo and former captain of the Russian national team Andrey Arshavin, together with figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva and a hundred sports fans from Moscow, opened Box MSK, a new Nike cultural and sports center in Gorky Park.

The new sports center will operate all year round, and the program will change from season to season. On the territory of the center will operate a football and basketball courts, a functional training studio Nike Training Club. The center will also become the base of the Nike Running Club. Box MSK is designed for individual visits and group training. Classes at the center are available to athletes of all levels and are free. Find out more.

Opening of the summer season - Fitness & Football Fans!

June 14, the first day of the World Cup, at Shore House, on the shore Moscow River hosted the Fitness & Football Fans event dedicated to the official opening of the innovative and luxurious fitness club Crocus Fitness Kuntsevo and the beginning of the summer season at Crocus Fitness Studio !

Spend this evening together Crocus Fitness friends and teammates of Crocus Fitness came - Gleb Galperin (bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in diving), Nikita Nagorny (Russian gymnast, medalist of the Youth Olympic Games 2014 and Daria Spiridonova (Russian gymnast, medalist of the Olympic Games 2016), singer Denis Klyaver, Artem, lead singer of the group Artic & Asti, Denis Gusev (master of sports of Russia in bodybuilding), DJ Black Cupro, Dmitry Yashankin (multiple champion of Russia and Europe in f itnesu), illusionist Nikolai Strelnikov.

Link between Generations Festival
Boxing, wrestling, football and mini-football, sailing - all this will be presented on June 22 and 23 at the festival Communication of generations based on SK Stroitel in Mytishchi. Children and teenagers are invited to the sports festival.Young athletes will meet with renowned masters, in particular Boris Lagutin and Artur Taymazov, who will share their experience with the participants. The competition starts at 12:00.

The Reebok Challenge
Reebok Launches the Squeeze-Out Challenge, timed to coincide with the World Cup. Until July 15th, you can shoot a video showing you doing push-ups. Of course, in order to increase your chances of winning, you need to get creative with the task. Each week, the Reebok team will select the 10 most original videos and award the winners with Classic Leather sneakers. Do not forget to put the hashtag #SqueezeForCommand and tag your @reebok_russia account. Learn more about the competition here.

Yoga in Gorky Park
The yoga season from the Roxy team has opened in the Moscow Park of Culture. On Mondays at 20:00, Yoga Method classes will take place at the Observation Deck at the Main Entrance, where instructors will teach you how to do asanas, breathe and meditate correctly. And on Wednesdays, at the same time, on the Dance Floor near the Pioner summer cinema, you can do strength exercises from Roxy Fitness. The lessons are free, but you need to register.

The registration link will appear every week in your Roxy Russia account.

School of the Young Fan
The School of the Young Fan for children, teenagers and their parents will be held in Moscow Gorky Park until June 20. Classes will provide a great mood: in the Lecture Hall in the building at the Main Entrance, children will learn how to make creative crafts, play football, provide first aid, start learning English and even be able to participate in the creation of a cartoon.

Detailed information and registration.

Free windsurfing master classes in Zavidovo

If you still haven't opened the summer activity season, it's time to do it. Next Saturday, June 23, we are waiting for everyone on the clean beach of the Summer Aquatoria in Zavidovo, where master classes in windsurfing with Olya Raskina will be held. Classes will be held from 12:00 to 17:00, and during the breaks we will ride longboards on cool asphalt paths.

Everything is absolutely free - both lessons and equipment rental, so you can only take swimwear, water and a good mood with you.

Football detox: 11 sports news not about the 2018 World Cup

Olya Raskina: why sit in an office if there is a sea and the sun is shining?

Rider of the Roxy and Red Bull teams, professional windsurfer Olya Raskina on how to learn how to combine sports, family and love of travel.

Into your wardrobe

Exclusive T-shirts
Sergey Shnurov, Yuri Dud, IRina Gorbacheva, artist Pokras Lampas and adidas have teamed up in the Creative Decisions campaign to create a football kit for the Russian national team with exclusive prints. Let's see what they did.

Smart gadgets

Eternal Watch
Matrix PowerWatch is a watch that does not need to be charged. The device is charged by the heat of your body. According to the manufacturer, it accurately measures the number of calories burned, and is also equipped with a pedometer and sleep tracker. Moreover, the watch can withstand immersion under water up to 50 meters. It is also curious that the gadget shows in real time how much energy it received from you.

Issue price: 19,990 rubles

Detailed information.

This device allows you to quickly and easily collect accurate information about your heart using electrodes, which are sold separately. The data is sent to a dedicated app on your smartphone. If necessary, you can send the information received to the doctor in order to receive timely comments.

Issue price: 12 thousand rubles. (electrodes are purchased additionally)
Detailed information.

Keychain against the loss of things
For those who travel often, and for those who at least sometimes leave at home, there is a real find - the Nut 2 keychain, which will allow you to find a lost thing or prevent its loss. The device sends Bluetooth signals to your smartphone. If the thing moves away from the smartphone at a certain distance, you receive a signal. Also, to search for the lost, it is enough to start a strong sound notification with one click, indicating the location of the desired one. The device can be attached to anything, including your pet's collar.

Issue price: RUB 990

It is getting easier and easier to do sports. There is only one thing that cannot be bought - the desire to reach new heights.

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