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Food: alive and dead. What is there to live to be 100 years old?

It's no secret that a healthy lifestyle is at the peak of its relevance today. A lot of Instagram bloggers are creating a cult of healthy eating and functional training. Every day we see a lot of recipes in our feed, which include not quite typical products: chia seeds, quinoa, chickpeas ... These ingredients are not found in every supermarket. Therefore, many people believe that healthy food is too difficult and expensive. And what do the authorities of the gastronomic world think about this? What foods do they think prolong life?

Food: alive and dead. What is there to live to be 100 years old?

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Jamie Oliver is a renowned chef and restaurateur who has long been involved in promoting healthy nutrition. He did a very interesting research: he studied the cuisine of the countries with the largest number of centenarians. I drew attention to what products people often eat in a particular country, and learned how to cook local dishes.


Average life expectancy: 87 years .

Usually, remembering Japanese cuisine, we think: They probably eat sushi and rolls all the time. But this is not entirely true. The basis of Japanese cuisine is fresh food in all its variations. In addition, both in Russia and in Japan they love dumplings with only one difference: Japanese gyoza dumplings are prepared with any filling. And standard minced meat (beef or pork), and duck, and just any vegetables. And also a prerequisite - gyoza are steamed. No hot oil and excess fat. Simple and healthy food. Maybe only the spices will seem strange to you. The Japanese add ginger and soy sauce almost everywhere.

And, of course, where without rice. The Japanese consume it with every meal. But this does not mean that their diet is not diverse, it contains salmon, shrimp, and meat. And from vegetables - carrots, cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes. Plus legumes.

The main drink of the Japanese is green tea. It is very tonic. And its beneficial properties have long been recognized by nutritionists and nutritionists. Nothing fancy in general.

By the way, fast food is unpopular in Japan. Like hamburgers, fries, and even more so shawarma. Maybe that's why life expectancy is so high there?


Average life expectancy: 80 years.

Greece has been famous for its athletes and athletes since ancient times. In many ways they owe this to their food system. For example, lunch for the Greeks is a whole ritual. The time when the whole family gathers at the table. Plus, fresh vegetables and fruits are very important: tomatoes, grapes, olives. Traditional drink on the tablebut homemade wine. The general picture is also affected by the fact that Greece almost does not export food products. It turns out that everything is grown only for oneself. This means, qualitatively and conscientiously.

Breakfast is also important for the people of this country. One of the most common are sweet potato muffins. In Russia, they are also called muffins in Greek.

The ingredients are simple: sweet potatoes (yam), eggs, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, green onions and a little flour. From them it is necessary to make a mass, somewhat reminiscent of dough, and send it in portions to be baked in the oven. By the way, this is another plus of this dish. Baked food is much healthier than fried.

And on this island, gyros is also very popular - a version of our shawarma. But the cake is made from coarser varieties of flour, and the sauce in the pita is not mayonnaise, but sour cream with fresh herbs.

Costa Rica

Average life expectancy: 79 years.

The people of Costa Rica love fresh products and prepare simple and healthy meals from them. You won't find a lot of spices and additives here. But this does not mean that the dishes become bland and tasteless. It's just that a lot of products can be combined in one recipe. Moreover, they all harmoniously complement each other and do not distract from the general taste. Also, special attention is paid to sauces. In Costa Rica, they are served with all dishes.

For example, casados. It is a mixture of rice, beans and various vegetables. A complete dish in itself is served as a side dish for meat. And for those who especially follow the figure and count each calorie, only the first option for serving the recipe will be enough.

And the proximity to the sea simply obliges people to love seafood in Costa Rica. And indeed it is. There is even a variation on Japanese sashimi, which is a variation on serving raw fish. Only in this country is the mandatory serving condition - red pepper, chili and lemon.

Food and longevity

It turns out that in order to live a long life, you need to give up unhealthy fatty foods and give preference to fresh seasonal foods.

Finally, a list of foods that, according to Jamie Oliver, will help you survive up to 100.

  • Eggs
  • Goat's milk (or feta cheese)
  • Fish
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Wild herbs and greens
  • Tofu
  • Walnuts
  • Black beans
  • Fresh fruits
  • Seaweed
  • Wild rice
  • Garlic
  • Shrimps
  • Chile.

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