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Fitness with Cindy Crawford. Why 90s aerobics is cooler than modern workouts

Ask your mom or sisters if they had aerobics videotapes from Cindy Crawford in the 1990s, and surely many women will remember them. Sensual super-model with a perfect figure showed in the video simple exercises that could be easily repeated at home. Shaping, fitness, aerobics - these words came into our everyday life 30-40 years ago. Today, the once sensational exercise complexes are experiencing a new heyday.

Fitness with Cindy Crawford. Why 90s aerobics is cooler than modern workouts

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How did aerobics begin?

Jane Fonda Is not only a famous American actress, but also the main ideologue of aerobics. When she broke her leg on the set of one of the films and could no longer attend the usual ballet studio, she switched to aerobics. At that time, gyms in the United States were geared towards bodybuilders, but in the late 1970s, the Foundation began its fitness revolution. She began to open fitness clubs all over the country, in which they trained according to the method of her name. In 1981, the American published the book Training with Jane Fonda, and the following year - the first video tutorials on the book.

The actress turned 45 when she began to popularize women's workouts and gave birth to the fashion for leggings, leggings and sports bodysuits ... Girls in bright bodysuits and leggings showed simple exercises to rhythmic music that required minimal equipment - a rug, a chair and a pair of dumbbells. The exercises were universal and at the same time not boring, at the same time all the muscles of the body were worked out, flexibility was developed, the cardiovascular system was strengthened, calories were burned.

In the 1990s, the Foundation's ideas were taken up by super-models, who were then considered the ideal of beauty ... Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford - these names thundered all over the world. And although many models have released video tutorials on improving the body, it was Crawford's lessons that became wildly popular.

Training with Crawford. What is the secret of popularity?

The exercises that Crawford showed were developed by her personal trainer Radu Teodorescu. The fact is that the model was inclined to be overweight, did not like dieting and running and other habitual sports to keep fit, and was looking for other ways to fit into the notorious 90-60-90 standard.

Thanks to Radu Cindy's exercises. it was easy to maintain the desired proportions - with a height of 176 cm, she weighed 56 kg. In 1992, one of the most popular models released the first exercise cassette, which remained a bestseller for 10 years.

There are several reasons for the popularity of the Secret of Cindy Crawford's ideal figure. Firstly, the beautiful Cindy herself, whom you want to admire without stopping. Her perfect figure and the femininity with which she does the exercises serve as additional motivation.

Secondly, it's pretty easy. The exercises are performed at a moderate pace, which even an unprepared beginner can handle, and are divided into several short complexes. Most of the exercises are performed only with their own weight, that is, they can be done anywhere - at home, in the country, in nature, or, like Cindy herself, on the ocean shore.

Fitness with Cindy Crawford. Why 90s aerobics is cooler than modern workouts

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Another big plus of Cindy's workouts is cardio balance and strength exercises that increase the effectiveness of the exercise. Endurance develops, stretching improves, large muscle groups are involved, the body gradually becomes tighter and leaner.

Finally, one of the main advantages of fitness with Cindy Crawford, by her own admission, is that the sport does not appear boring exercises that should be done under the stick, but as an activity that brings real pleasure.

The video can be viewed on YouTube.

Fitness with Cindy Crawford. Why 90s aerobics is cooler than modern workouts

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This is why fitness with Cindy Crawford was so popular throughout the 1990s. x, and it is because of this that it is being reborn today. Available exercises are suitable for everyone - both busy office workers, and mothers on maternity leave, and students in a hurry to lectures, and people at remote work.

To appreciate the simplicity and grace of fitness with Cindy, just 10 minutes is enough - so much lasts one set of exercises. And once you get involved, you can increase the pace, and perform several sets of exercises at a time, and increase the difficulty (after the Secret of the Ideal Figure, Crawford released two more videos - A New Dimension for Young Mothers Who Do Not Have Time for Gyms, and the Advanced Course How to Achieve Perfection) .

Even if you already monitor your figure and exercise regularly, fitness with Crawford can diversify your activities during quarantine, when the usual exercises are already on edge and you want something new.

Crawford has proven herself to be effective. At 54, she is still doing these sets of exercises and is inamazing form.

Cindy Crawford: Shape Your Body Workout (1992) HD

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