Women try guessing each other’s weight | A social experiment

Fitness term or a word that doesn't exist? Try to guess!

Of course, no test will tell you how good you are at fitness or crossfit. Because the most telling evidence will always be your cubes on the press, chic buttocks or wasp waist.

However, the fitness industry is saturated with specific terms, foreign borrowings and new words. Can you tell real terms from made-up words? Our test will show that!

If your vocabulary is poor and you spend all your free time in the gym, perhaps you should take the issue a little more seriously and study the latest trends. Indeed, in the world of amateur sports and healthy lifestyles, something new is constantly appearing: unusual training programs, diets whose effectiveness is scientifically proven, sports equipment, nutritional supplements - all this may well make your training process more effective and interesting.

Well, in any incomprehensible situation, do not stop training, and the result will definitely not keep you waiting!

Fitness term or a word that doesn't exist? Try to guess!

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