Fitness secrets: how to choose a trainer and create a training plan yourself?

Expert of the Wellness Coach Championship Andrey Semeshov - on what questions a beginner may have in the gym.

If you have opened this article, then, most likely, or already go to the fitness center or are about to start. As with any unfamiliar environment, the gym will make you feel uncomfortable at first. You will have questions and doubts that require an answer. There is no need to hesitate to ask them, your progress directly depends on this.

Fitness secrets: how to choose a trainer and create a training plan yourself?

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How to choose a coach

If you decide to work with a coach, you must first choose one. How? Visual assessment (I would also like to have a figure like her / him) is undoubtedly an important criterion. A shoemaker can be without boots, but a fitness trainer with frankly overweight is somehow not very good. Just do not chase the most pumped up or, say, dry coach. An outstanding fitness athlete is not always a good coach. Making the form yourself and being able to captivate the client, choosing the optimal training regimen for him is far from the same thing.

There can be two options for action.
The first is to ask the club's consultants to tell about the availability of documents about the profile education and certificates of completion of additional training courses. The broader the outlook of a specialist, the better. Film The second way is reconnaissance in force. Observe the work of coaches with other clients, eavesdrop on their conversations, try on situations for yourself: how much do you like the approach, the manner of communication. The appearance of the wards, especially if they have been training with a coach for several months, is also a good tip.

What exercises to do

If you are doing it on your own, then the question arises: what is in the gym in general do? The main secret is that it doesn't make much difference for our muscles what kind of exercise you load them with. Everyone has the same anatomy - flexion, extension, bending, and so on. There is no advantage of one exercise over another. By and large, all tricky variations pursue only one goal - to diversify the process, to make it not so monotonous. The leg muscles will respond to squats, platform presses, walking with dumbbells, and much more.

Everything is decided by the progression of loads and the correct technique. Therefore, feel free to take a program with simple and understandable movements, and learn various tricks from the arsenal of fitness veterans in the process, when just pulling up or pressing the bar will become a little boring.

Fitness secrets: how to choose a trainer and create a training plan yourself?

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

How many repetitions to do

Sorted out the exercises. The next question is: how many times to do? Let's say you come to the dumbbell row. You can lift 10 kg for biceps 15 times, and 15 kg -only eight. Which is better? It is best to immediately realize that your muscles cannot count. Then where did the persistent myth come from that low reps increase strength, and many reps are about fat burning and relief?

The secret is in the time that your muscles are under load. The optimal time at first is 15 to 25 seconds per set. This will most likely be a 10-15 rep range. If this time is increased, then the number of calories spent will proportionally increase. When dieting, this gives a slightly better result in burning subcutaneous fat.
During the period of preparation for the competition and reaching the peak form, professional athletes bring themselves to a critical state, when it is either impossible to load the body with heavy weights, or it is too dangerous for health. Therefore, when drying, they work mainly with small weights, and in order for the muscles to get a sufficient load, you have to increase the work time, that is, the number of repetitions.

Who to contact for advice

Do not be afraid to ask for advice ... Even the most impressive and voluminous visitors. Man-mountain of muscles, obviously, spent more than one year in the gym, doing about the same thing 4-5 times a week. In 99% of cases, he is very willing to diversify his routine in order to give some wise recommendations to the green beginner. Just before asking for advice, make sure that this does not happen at the moment when the interlocutor is tuned in to perform the approach, or, on the contrary, just got out from under a heavy barbell and gasps for air with difficulty. In this case, there really is a risk of running into a not quite polite comment.

Fitness secrets: how to choose a trainer and create a training plan yourself?

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

How not to be ashamed

Have you seen funny videos from fitness clubs, where people get into awkward situations or perform some completely intricate somersaults? Are you afraid to be in the frame too? Do not be afraid! In the hall, everyone is busy with their own business and everyone does not care how the others entertain themselves. On one condition: if it doesn't bother anyone.

What to train

There are only two rules: clothes must be, and they must be clean. In all other respects, forget about public opinion. You should be comfortable and fun. Are you a skinny student, but do bodybuilding sweatshirts add some flair? Feel free to buy. Your volumes are far from fitness standards, but you want to spin an exercise bike in marvelous pink leggings? Do not deprive yourself of this pleasure. You have already defeated most of the people and have come to the gym, even if aggressive or sexy clothes show it.

Fitness secrets: how to choose a trainer and create a training plan yourself?

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Fitness secrets: how to choose a trainer and create a training plan yourself?

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