Photoshop The Perfect Body - The dishonest side of fitness models? FaceTune, Photo Retouching

Fitness or photoshop? Guess what's in the photo

Modern opportunities can often mislead Internet users. With the help of smartphone applications, it became possible to put on a relief press, narrow the waist and pump up the buttocks in a few seconds. Therefore, sometimes it becomes completely incomprehensible whether the massive muscles in the photo in front of you are real or is this another function of clever photo editors?

The championship advises you to rely only on your own labor and physical activity, as well as to pass a small test, for which we have selected ten athletes. We changed the shapes of some of them with the help of Photoshop, the rest of the athletes are in excellent shape in reality. Can you tell them apart?

The test can be taken on Playbuzz.

This Is Why You Look Terrible In Photos | ft. MattDoesFitness

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