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Fitness in the gym: should basic exercises be complicated?

Expert of the Championship wellness coach Andrey Semeshov spoke about the fashion for tricky exercises and explained that it is difficult not always effectively.

Being a jock is no longer in fashion, judging by the fact that I hear from friends, I read in thematic blogs, I see in the hall. It was in the 90s, early 2000s that people came to the rocking chairs after seeing the posters of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Today, the overwhelming majority does not at all strive for excessive hypertrophy. In fashion - a relief and functional body. And if about the relief - it's more about dieting and calorie counting, then the trend for functionality personally often brings a smile to me, and sometimes an outright fear for the performer.

Why not complicate the exercises?

The quintessence of functional training is squats with a barbell on an unstable support . I have seen variations when a ball is placed under one leg, and the other remains on the floor. Some people manage to assemble a structure of two rollers, on which they lay the board, take a barbell and try to sit down on this wobbling structure.

I have one question - why? What function do they seek to develop in themselves? The principle that you train is what nobody trains yet. So, in my life I have never had a chance to face the need to perform squats, trying to balance on an unstable support and at the same time holding the weights. I suppose that the overwhelming majority do too.

The question is, why is it to develop such a valuable skill in yourself? And with a health risk. Squats in themselves are a very difficult exercise, classified as traumatic, and here the risk is further multiplied. In such conditions, it seems easier to damage the spine than to strengthen it. Well, or at least get yourself a bunch of bumps on your head and walk around in bruises while the skill is being formed, and the person performing the exercise repeatedly rises from the floor and again climbs onto his wobbly platform.

It can be assumed that such, hmm, pretentious techniques allow you to become more agile, coordinated or enduring faster and better (?)? Not really. More precisely, of course, they allow, but in exactly one single movement (squatting on the ball). For everything else, there is a set of time-tested and science-tested sets of exercises and training methods, among which there is certainly one that will effectively achieve the conditions you want.

Why are we inventing new elements?

Then why do we want to reinvent bicycles? Firstly, we have always gravitated towards finding a magic pill that will allow us to cut all corners and achieve what we want as soon as possible. Systematically, week after week, build yourself a body mDreams in the gym and in the kitchen are long, trite and boring. Therefore, we run to buy a can of fat burner and try secret exercises.

The second reason is boredom. Indeed, for many people, classes in the hall quickly become boring. Today you bend your arms with a barbell or dumbbells, and tomorrow, and in 10 years. Of course, I want to diversify this routine. And I fully welcome this approach. But only if an important condition is met - before breaking the rules - learn to play by the rules .

In the end, no one and no one can forbid anyone to squat while standing on one leg on the ball. But before that, I would suggest that you still master the classical exercises, hone your technique, see progress. Chances are that this will be enough for you.

Which exercises are classics?

Search the Internet for Anatomy of strength exercises (for the fair sex there is even a variation - Anatomy of strength exercises for women, although the first option is fine) by Frederic Delavier. There are several tens of load options for each muscle group. For the first time, it should be enough without the risk of getting bored of the variety and routine.

By the way, there is no need to saturate your program with a large number of different exercises for the same muscle group. The choice of a specific movement and projectile is a very minor component of success. I know athletes performing at the highest level who have not changed their set of exercises for years, varying only the weights and the number of repetitions. They just learned to feel their body and picked up those movements that give the maximum benefit for them.

Can I become functional by training in a classic way?

It depends on what is meant by functionality ... Beautiful and coordinated push-ups on one hand, standing on your head, can only be systematically trained this particular skill. Once again - what you train, you train . The most dexterous acrobat, perfectly controlling his body and doing unthinkable tricks, will just as easily lose a foil fight to a novice swordsman. Likewise, a titled chess player is unlikely to put up worthy resistance to an ordinary (but regularly practicing!) Backgammon player.

If we return to functionality in its everyday sense, then a combination of strength and aerobic training will perfectly cope with the solution of this problem. For example, a couple of days a week you can devote time to barbells and dumbbells and go to group classes again. Or run in the park. Or go to the site with horizontal bars and parallel bars.

What if I don’t know how to train in the gym?

I am often sent to messengers videos where people are frankly weird in gyms .

It never occurs to me to write in response: Haha, well, a moron. Anyone who found the strength to get off the couch and take care of himself is worthy of admiration. Yes, sometimes strength training seems deceptively simple: here is a simulator, here are dumbbells - take it and do it. However, there are many nuances, safety precautions, after all. Therefore, the profession of a gym instructor is not about serving pancakes and holding a phone and a towel. However, you can open the Internet and read / watch about exercise techniques, exercise combinations, and more. There is nothing super complicated. Not a binomial of Newton. It's just like in life: either pay money (personal trainer), or spend time on self-education. An intermediate option is to join the online program. Today, you can easily find a completely sane option for a small amount, or even completely free. There would be a desire.

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