Daddy or Mommy & Toddler Workout

Fitness for parents. How to train at home with your child

Home workouts are very popular during self-isolation. Fitness clubs and sections are closed, running and exercising on horizontal bars in the yard is also not recommended, but you need to throw out your energy. In addition, exercise helps to keep fit, and just add variety to the quarantine routine. I cleared the space, turned on the appropriate music - and do it for your pleasure, for the benefit of the body and mood.

But what if you have a small child at home or not even one? Of course, in this case, you may not even dream of training in an atmosphere of serenity and harmony. Children make noise, flicker before their eyes and demand attention to themselves. Especially when they see that their parents are busy with something else. And if you still manage to retire and work out, then be prepared to re-glue the wallpaper or scrub the kitchen for half a day.

And yet, having children in the house is not at all a reason to give up training. You just need to interest them and make the process fun for all its participants.

Fitness for parents. How to train at home with your child

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Training with live weight

Babies before For half a year, most of the wakefulness is spent in the arms of the mother, so many use their babies as a load when doing exercises. With the child, you can squat, swing the abs, legs and arms. The main thing is to get creative.

The duration and quality of the workout largely depends on the mood of the little helper, but it is quite possible to build in three sessions of exercises for 10-15 minutes in your day.

Just remember that the weight is getting heavier every day, so it is better not to allow long breaks in such exercises.

How to involve your child in joint workouts?

The babies were dealt with. And what about older children? Not everyone can do exercises with a weight of 15 kg, and the child is unlikely to agree to play the role of a live projectile for more than a couple of minutes. Here only iron self-control will come to the rescue.

Of course, everyone's level of training different. If you are used to serious loads, then even squats with a 24-kg child on your shoulders will not seem like something outrageous.

But the most effective way to train in self-isolation with children is to involve them in the process. It is important to do exercises with a smile and show with all your appearance how much pleasure it gives you fiphysical activity. Then the child will reach for you and start repeating.

Synchronized swimming and football at home

Svetlana Romashina, a five-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming, showed an excellent example of joint training with a child.

If you wish, you can practice not only synchronized swimming, but even football in the apartment ... You just need a little imagination.

As you can see, there is no nothing is impossible. The main thing is to want to overcome difficulties, and then a solution will certainly be found. It is possible that you and your children will like family workouts so much that they will stay with you even after self-isolation.

Fitness for parents. How to train at home with your child

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