Fitness bracelets trend: a necessary outfit or a fashionable toy?

Over the past few years, the use of modern gadgets during training has become a trend. Almost everyone who actively monitors their health and plays sports has special applications on their phone that track food or remind them of insufficient water consumed per day. One of the most popular gadgets in this area is a fitness bracelet. We tell you what it is, what functions it performs and whether the fashion accessory will be useful in everything.

What is a fitness bracelet and why is it needed?

A person who has not gone deep enough into the topic it may seem that fitness bracelets (or fitness watches) are needed only by professional athletes who must constantly check the state of the body during physical activity. Or people who are just trying to lead a healthy lifestyle by running in the morning or swimming in the pool. But it is not.

Fitness bracelets trend: a necessary outfit or a fashionable toy?


Fitness bracelets are designed in order to monitor the state of the body and measure its indicators: pulse, pressure, oxygen content in the blood, etc. That is, it makes sense to purchase a gadget for anyone who wants to know more about their body. The watch's functionality allows you to improve the quality of life, as it will constantly monitor your condition and will notify you if it detects any problem.

The bracelet has a lot of functions: from the pulse measurement we mentioned to the calorie counter and GPS system ... There are also enough models on the gadget market, so everyone can find a fitness assistant to their liking.

Fitness bracelets trend: a necessary outfit or a fashionable toy?

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Features of fitness bracelets: how to choose?

For First, it's worth thinking: what exactly do you need a bracelet for? It will depend on what criteria to choose. In order to simply monitor your health, a fancy gadget with a huge number of functions is not needed. It will be enough to buy an inexpensive model that measures heart rate, blood pressure and number of steps taken. But for professional sports, other features may come in handy.

Fitness bracelets trend: a necessary outfit or a fashionable toy?


Here are a few criteria for choosing a fitness bracelet.

  • Variety of functions: a gadget with a minimal set of settings or a multifunctional bracelet, for example, with a smart alarm clock, calorie counter and GPS system.
  • Communication with the phone will be a good addition so that you can transfer data from the bracelet to your smartphone at any time.
  • Waterproof so you can swim and track your progress.
  • Good battery and convenient charging . It is important that the bracelet holds a charge for a long timetime and quickly charged.
  • Additional features: music, phone notifications, etc.
Fitness bracelets trend: a necessary outfit or a fashionable toy?

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Is the accessory always useful?

Most likely, not always. This is the same technical device, like a telephone or a computer, which can fail at any moment. Moreover, many doctors, athletes and simply people leading a healthy lifestyle are ardent opponents of smart assistants because of their inaccuracies in their work. Of course, in more expensive models, errors in measuring the pulse or pressure are much less common, but still they cannot be ruled out.

Most of the complaints come from inaccuracies in measuring the number of steps taken, heart rate, blood pressure and all the rest indicators that the device should read automatically. Either the pulse is too fast for a person who is in a calm state, or the running distance is not fully displayed on the device - although such errors are rare in bracelets, there are.

Fitness bracelets trend: a necessary outfit or a fashionable toy?


Some people complain about the smart alarm clock. The watch should wake you up at the supposedly right moment of the light sleep phase. That is, the bracelet, based on the readings of the accelerometer, monitors the activity of your body during sleep. But very often the device wakes you up not because you are in a light sleep phase, but because of the slightest body movement. For example, if you just roll over to the other side. Experienced users say that no accessory will be able to maintain the correct sleep schedule for you.

There are many more disadvantages of fitness assistants: absolutely unnecessary functions, fast charging consumption, pseudo-freedom from a smartphone. But, of course, each model is individual and has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Fitness bracelets trend: a necessary outfit or a fashionable toy?

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Your fitness assistant or fashion accessory?

To our every third wears a fitness watch. Recently, they are just a fashion accessory. Still, it cannot be denied that gadgets can be extremely useful. They provide many opportunities to preserve human health and improve the quality of life.

Fitness bracelets trend: a necessary outfit or a fashionable toy?


Despite some of the shortcomings of fitness bracelets, there are far fewer opponents than supporters. Therefore, if you want to know more about the body and take care of your well-being, then you should definitely think about purchasing this unusual software.powerhouse.

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