Fitness blogger Alexey Stolyarov tested the new Rambler Group gym

In the past few years, a trend has emerged in Russian cities - the placement of fitness rooms in the offices of large companies. You've probably heard how employees of Google or, for example, Facebook, train in the United States without leaving work. Recently, the employees of Rambler Group have joined them.

The concept of the hall was invented and implemented by the League of Heroes, which is known for organizing the Races of Heroes and other obstacle races. Everything is unique here: from polygon-inspired visuals, a basic 3D element, to a crossfit zone designed with the needs of employees in mind.

The territory of the new hall of 160 sq. m. m. came to evaluate the popular fitness blogger Alexey Stolyarov . He told the Championship which simulators would be especially useful and interesting for office workers, and gave some personal tips for effective training.

Fitness blogger Alexey Stolyarov tested the new Rambler Group gym

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

- How often do you usually visit the gym?

- Well, if it comes to filming, then probably 14-15 times a week. Today is the fourth time. I have my own trainings four times a week, since I am not currently preparing for either the League of Heroes or the Arena of Heroes. My training is not that intense. These are mainly strength exercises, there is practically no cardio.

- What do you usually do on strength exercises?

- I like to train shoulders most of all, because in these places really cool you can see the result. For men, I think this is one of the most interesting and visually attractive stories.
The least favorite is the day of the legs. This is the case for everyone, except, probably, girls.

Fitness blogger Alexey Stolyarov tested the new Rambler Group gym

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By the way, this gym has those simulators that are not in my arsenal. Atypical, unusual, because of this I have a great interest, passion. I like to do what doesn't work. I like that I have weak points in this direction. Therefore, such gyms are probably the most interesting. When you come, always very charged. That is, you cannot come here sleepy or without a mood, then nothing will work out for sure.

- And if you suddenly realized that you have lost your form and now you need to quickly return it, what would you do first ?

- I got it. I'm a sports blogger with 2 million YouTube subscribers. Immediately they began to write in the comments that I am fat and that I am not exactly where I am going. I understand perfectly why this happened. This is not because I train day and night. A lot of filming, television projects, traveling, flights. It all affects. Well, laziness first of all. And of course, then you just look at your schedule and start inserting workouts.- at seven in the morning, at eight or in the evening.

Fitness blogger Alexey Stolyarov tested the new Rambler Group gym

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

- So you increase the number of training sessions?

- There is no such thing that I train 7-8 times a week, because I need to get back in shape. You just need to remember what I am doing. In order to stay in shape, you do not need something supernatural. Very often subscribers ask me how much to train. I say two or three times a week - and it will be great. The fact is that many do not do this or do it for a month or two and that's it, then they score. If you really train, then the bomb uniform will be provided.

- Do you follow the nutrition?

- Oh, there are problems with nutrition now due to the fact that our videos became interesting: we began to lose weight at fast foods and set up all sorts of different experiments. In fact, it is difficult to eat healthy in Moscow. This is true, but thank God, delivery of the right nutrition is working now. Everything moves here in a completely different way. What you could snatch, you could. If breakfast, then, of course, I have this proper nutrition. I will not eat anything super harmful. Dinner is always carbohydrate-free. In general, I don't like eating fast foods all the time, but sometimes I do. The main thing is to spend those calories that you consume.

Fitness blogger Alexey Stolyarov tested the new Rambler Group gym

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In fact, keeping yourself in shape is as easy as shelling pears if you are really charged for it. It's like getting the girl you like. If you like her, will you strive for her, no matter what? It's the same here. And no one will tell you: aren't you spending too much energy? You will spend as much as you need. The main thing is the charge, the main thing is the goal.

Fitness blogger Alexey Stolyarov tested the new Rambler Group gym

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

- And if you, on the contrary, understand that now you have put too much stress on yourself and need to rest, do you postpone training altogether or start light recovery?

- Sometimes I get overworked. But I’m unlikely to cancel a training session, for example, with my coach Kirill Sarychev. It is very difficult for him to say that you are overtraining. This is a man who has been the world record holder in the bench press for five years. He does not understand what it means you can't or you can't. You work: either you walk or you don't. We are not an Olympic team to overwork. Of course, there are problems from a psychological point of view. You need to give yourself some relief, but you don't have to make a lot of excuses.

- What do you think about the trend that is now observed in large companies - to build fitness rooms for their employees?

- This is cool. I have already seen this in many companies, but I have never met such a cool hall. There is no analogue, not only in Moscow, in Russia. WantsHere you can shoot, train.

In large companies, this should be everywhere. I don’t want to rely on the West and say: “There’s taaam, but in America very often people train like that. I remember being on Google, on Facebook. These are huge companies, our Russian alternative is Rambler. But, I repeat, there are no such halls. Everything is much simpler. This one is straightforward. This is not some kind of flattery, not to try to please, but just really cool. Rambler is insanely lucky. Employees. I hope they will all train and enjoy.

Fitness blogger Alexey Stolyarov tested the new Rambler Group gym

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

- What is the most interesting for you here?

- Handles, of course. They look beautiful. If something does not work out, you will immediately want to repeat and fix it. I like that the gym is not overloaded with lever trainers, they are usually very heaped up and create a little pressure. As a person who worked as a personal fitness trainer for eight years, I know that this has an effect, a queue will form. And here everyone can find a place: both fit babies and overweight guys.

- How would you advise those who have never done this to start training?

- I would immediately turn to a personal trainer. He should tell about his experience - he will tell you. I remember myself at the first trainings - we had a grandfather in the gym, who said: Hey, boys, I'll show you everything now. And that's okay, don't be shy. It's the same if I go up to the office to do a program. I will not poke around, press any buttons. Naturally, I'll ask the knowledgeable guys. And so everywhere.

- Do you think it is better for office workers to train before work, after or during lunch break?

- I can't answer exactly. I myself love to train in the morning, because in the evening there is usually no mood. It all depends on your schedule, but, as my practice and my life experience tells me, morning is the ideal time for training, because I got up early in the morning, energized myself, did my job and walk, Vasya.

- Can you share two or three exercises for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle?

- It's generally elementary. Stand in a plank from 30 seconds to a minute at intervals of 3 times.

Between these circles do 3 sets of 30 squats.

And, if it's a girl, then push-ups from the knees, and if it's a boy, then lying down. 3 to 10 or 3 to 15. Depends on physical capabilities.

These exercises are all. Arms, legs, core muscles are involved. Three exercises - three whales that an office worker can do. And be healthy, handsome.

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