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Fitness after the epidemic: what it will be

Finding out with the expert of the Championship, wellness coach Andrey Semeshov.

When the pandemic finally ends, our world, I hope, will begin to return to what we used to consider the norm. Dolphins will disappear from the canals of Venice, for example. I would like to believe that the dollar rate will return to the marks before, but I will not guess here.

What changes await us?

In fact, the world will change irreversibly. And it will never be the same. What consequences this promises for different spheres of life, I will not undertake to predict, imagination and outlook will not be enough. But about fitness I will share a couple of thoughts.

In the era before, the vast majority of really competent and knowledgeable fitness trainers on Instagram and other social networks, if they flickered, it was very sketchy and for show. Marathons and fifth point training were not recorded. Because there is a lot of clients, work for 12-14 hours, there is no time to eat and swing by yourself. They were snapped up and dreamed of at least one full day off a week. And today these specialists find themselves in a situation where they are forced to master the methods of distance training - via Skype, zoom, and so on. They already have a certain base of former offline clients. And there will certainly be brand new online ones. This means that the quantity and quality of internet fitness will change dramatically. And there will be a real alternative to girls who assure that with these graceful legs, to which a bright fitness ribbon is tied, you can solve absolutely all problems with your figure.

Fitness after the epidemic: what it will be


What to expect from distance sports?

Holders of subscriptions to fitness clubs must have noticed that very many of these institutions quickly found their bearings and moved the group classes to their social networks. Now you do not need (and can not) go anywhere to get to yoga, zumba or Pilates. Everyone works out at home in front of a computer / tablet, the instructor in front of a camera with a microphone. And you can not be afraid that there is no one to leave the child with for this time. Let us fantasize that after the end of the quarantine, club managers will think about selling virtual club cards. And quality fitness will be more accessible to even more people.

Fitness after the epidemic: what it will be

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Fitness after the epidemic: what it will be

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And do not worry that there will be no one to correct the technique. Firstly, when there are 20 people in the hall, she is not particularly corrected anyway. Secondly, the programs are designed for different levels of training. And, having started classes marked For beginners, you can easily master all the movements, carefully withlistening and watching. A question of desire. And it is not so difficult to establish two-way communication for control. In any case, the quarantine does not prevent professional ballet dancers from holding video-conference trainings, during which the teacher not only shows what to do, but also carefully observes the students.

Fitness after the epidemic: what it will be


Is there a point in online training?

Should fitness clubs bother so much and looking for new formats when the pandemic dies down? Maybe worth it. Because, finding themselves in forced isolation, a certain percentage of those who cannot imagine life without an annually renewed subscription will come to the conclusion that they can be no worse at home.

Fitness after the epidemic: what it will be

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I personally have always been very skeptical about training at home ... However, having fallen into conditions when locks hang on gyms, I was forced to look at it from a new angle. And after three weeks this corner doesn't look so hopeless. Provided, of course, an adequate approach to the issue. Because you can give the muscles a sufficient load, pushing up from the sofa, either during the rehabilitation period after a long illness in a lying position, or from completely negative positions in terms of physical condition.

Next, you need to attend to the appropriate equipment. But it turns out that even here you can get by with a little blood. For example, with a decade and a half of training experience behind me and some results, I can very effectively pump all muscle groups, having at hand only a tourniquet and collapsible weights with a step of 16-24-32 kg.

... Although, of course, I want all this crown-disaster to end as soon as possible. And the dolphins stayed in Venice.

Fitness after the epidemic: what it will be

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Fitness after the epidemic: what it will be

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