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Fit well: 7 fit babies to help you motivate

Sometimes motivation fails, and it seems impossible to force yourself to get out to training. You can get rid of the blues in different ways, one of them is a stylish and inspiring form, which just pulls into the gym or for a run. Agree, beautiful workout clothes are half the battle, thanks to them you feel more confident, and this motivates the best way possible.

If it seems to you that today nothing will make you get up from the couch, take a look at these fit beauties in uniform and think again.

Fit well: 7 fit babies to help you motivate

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By the way, some of them are also suitable for training. Why not combine business with pleasure?

Giselle Oliveira

The Brazilian model chose a lavender suit. The soft fabric contours her slender figure beautifully, while the delicate shade of purple enhances her summer tan.

Chrissy Cela

Fitness trainer Chrissy preferred a darker color - a gray-greenish shade quite saturated, but calm and not too bright. And the sports top is adorned with an unusual design with intertwined ribbons.

Amanda Bisk

Amanda Bisk is a former professional pole vaulter and now a fitness trainer and yoga mentor. A bright peach set of bicycles and a top with wide shoulder straps is suitable for jogging in warm weather, and for yoga, and for strength training.

Fit well: 7 fit babies to help you motivate

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Ekaterina Krasavina

Russian fitness beauty Ekaterina chose a catchy option. A rich fuchsia suit with darker accents and vertical ribbing will help lift your spirits and recharge your batteries on bad days.

CJ Perry

Wrestler, model and dancer CJ is used to being in the spotlight. However, this time the girl preferred a more gentle and neat style. A soft, voluminous coral-colored suit that favorably emphasizes the tanned skin of an athlete.

Ana Capozzoli

Ana chose rather simple gray leggings with a familiar noise effect. But her top is different from the standard sport.willow top. Despite the calm dark blue color and the usual mesh for a training uniform, the design of the top and the shape of the inserts make it stand out from the rest.


Frenchwoman Alai also opted for an unusual top - a white top with decorative shoulder straps and an open back. While her leggings are very classic - a universal black color, but with translucent mesh inserts.

Fit well: 7 fit babies to help you motivate

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In 2020, such a suit can become an outfit for all occasions.

Whose uniform did you like?

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