First start as a first child. Do it carefully. Tukituk is about triathlon

The Championship, together with IRONSTAR, the leading organizer of triathlon starts in Russia, has launched a special project # 226 questions .

This is the first YouTube show about triathlon in Russia. Famous athletes, bloggers, politicians, businessmen and just people with unusual stories become the heroes of our releases. On the eve of the main start of the IRONSTAR 226 season in Sochi, we decided to introduce you to them by asking 226 questions to the guests of our studio. Blogger and triathlete Anastasia Tukmacheva .

First start as a first child. Do it carefully. Tukituk is about triathlon

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- How do your colleagues from the blogging community feel about your hobby for triathlon?

- Most of my friends bloggers are far from sports. Well, the maximum is the gym. Naturally, there are still all sorts of idiotic jokes about bike shorts and hooves, I can't listen to that anymore. But I don't like doing what everyone is doing.

And to achieve something, to overcome yourself, to give an example to people, to be on fire with a goal is cool.

- You are already participated in several starts. One of the most difficult - 113 km (1.93 km - swimming, 90 km - bike and 21.1 km - run). What insights did your half give you?

- For some reason, all my life it seemed to me that I was a very weak girl. All the time she was breaking her fingers on basketball, falling off the rope, unable to get anywhere. When I started training, I began to understand that people are surprised at the numbers of 60 km on a bicycle. Everyone says something like: How much? Oh, and I'm twenty. For me, it's like a bug sneezed.

The first half, like any first global start for you, is the distance you just need to go. It's almost like the first child. You need to do everything very carefully, because you still do not know at what point you can push so as not to die before the start.

- What conditions should be in order for you to make your perfect start?

- It's rain. I was wildly lucky in the tracksuit. We ran and it was raining. It was a fabulous gift considering the 30-degree heat the day before. Also lucky in Kazan. It was an eerie scorching heat, a hot concrete embankment, and you are running. You run from point to point. About five kilometers before the end of the race, a rainstorm fell, and I finished with arms outstretched.

- Many scientists, conducting a huge amount of research, say that the fastest ways to get endorphins are training and sex. In your opinion, which should be more often?

- Everything should be ... every day ( laughs ). Although, to be honest, after these trainings, sometimes you don't find the strength for something else, because you really give a lot. It seems to me that everything should go together.

- PIs there anything to advise beginners to help them before the first start?

- Believe in yourself and don't skip workouts. These are two main points. Any triathlon, no matter what goal you set for yourself, be it a sprint, an olympic, a half, a whole, is a huge goal, which consists of small bricks. You don't have to think about these numbers. You train your heart every day, you train your body every day. A gradual training process makes this goal real for you. Day by day you become stronger, more resilient, so just do it step by step.

For the full interview and useful life hacks from the coach, watch the full version of the show.

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