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Features of the regional workout: Orenburg is in touch

Dmitry Lukin has been involved in physical education since childhood and paid special attention to his physical form. Five years ago he became part of a large-scale workout movement and, as the athlete assured, remains faithful to him to this day. Now Dmitry is actively involved in the development of the workout community in his hometown of Orenburg, organizes and takes part in various competitions. Our hero is firmly convinced that even if you do not have enough time to achieve global goals, you must always keep yourself in good shape.

Dmitry told the Championship what the workout is like now, what are the features of this sport in Orenburg and where to start for beginners on the site.

- Dmitry, tell us how popular workout is now?
- Workout today is a large-scale direction, and we can say that this is a whole kind of sport, moreover the most accessible!

- What competitions exist and how often do you take part in them?
- Today there are many competitions: from regional to world championships , which, by the way, this year was held in Russia, in the capital of our country, at the end of July. Yes, and I took part in competitions, festivals, sports events - won prizes. To be honest, lately I have not been performing as often as I would like! But I actively participate in organizing competitions and workout events.

- What element can you call the most difficult one that you can do?
- Favorite and difficult element of the dragon flag on support post with imitation of walking through the air. It requires powerful stabilization of the entire body. The goal is to keep the body level and straight parallel to the ground, trying to avoid bends in the knees, a dip in the lumbar spine, while providing a grip on the hands. With all this, the support must be clamped in the trapezium area.

- What can you say about Orenburg: how developed is the movement in your region?
- The movement is developing in our area not yet at the highest level, of course, but every day there are more people who are interested in workout! At the moment there is a Youth Public Sports Movement WORKAUTOREN. In general, this direction attracts a lot of young people who want to engage in accessible sports. There are different forms of popularization: through educational institutions, children's camps, streets, courtyards. We are trying to develop workout in our region.

- Are there enough specialized sites and horizontal bars for this?
- There are not enough horizontal bars and specialized sites! In the city they can be counted on one hand, and even less in the regional centers and villages. We need larger venues for events and competitions at the city and regional level, this will affect the development of the workout.

- Not so long ago, your city hosted a Datsun picnic event, which included a workout competition. Tell us what are your impressions ?

- The Datsun picnic was unforgettable! The event had areas for recreation and entertainment, a large workout area, from which, to be honest, I could not take my eyes off. There was a lot of entertainment for children: they cooked barbecue, and went through a photo quest, and sang in karaoke. Well, and, of course, there was sports: training, master classes, shows. The main event was workout competitions both among professionals and among spectators.

Part of the large-scale Datsun picnic project this summer was a street athletics competition that not only attracted attention, but also made you think that you can start changing yourself and your life for the better at any time and without special attachments.

- What is the best way to start working out? newbie?
- Very often people ask where to start. Well, of course, with desire! It is necessary to formulate a goal and start practicing. The uniqueness of the workout is accessibility. You can start training at home, and you should. Then go out to any yard, find horizontal bars and parallel bars. Even in our time there are social networks: there you can find all the information and contact the coordinator of the movement.

- And where can you find information on how to do the exercises correctly? Do you need a mentor or is it public information that is on the Internet, for example?
- If we talk about information regarding training, methods and techniques for performing exercises, then everyone gets it wherever it is convenient for him. Speaking for myself, I have two higher educations, one of which is pedagogical with a focus on physical culture. The theory and methodology are very familiar to me firsthand.

- What mistakes do beginners often make when they come to the site? What advice would you give them: what exercises should you start with?
- The main mistake newcomers come to the site is to overestimate their capabilities! You don't need to do something complicated, in large quantities, and so on. It is necessary to start training with a warm-up, this applies to an athlete of any status. It is necessary to draw up a training plan and strictly follow it.

Top-3 sites in Orenburg for comfortable workout training according to Dmitry Lukin:

1.SK Orenburg. Address: Novaya street, house 17.

2. Site on the territory of Sarmat Complex. Address: Kulturnaya street, building 1a. 3. Boxing school. Address: Prospect Pobedy, 155.

The best exercise for a beginner is push-ups: very accessible, without equipment, using your own weight is involved. I advise you to do it every morning, at least one approach at 50-60% of the maximum.

- In addition to exercises on the horizontal bar and uneven bars, what should a full-fledged workout consist of?
- To achieve the result, I advise you to adhere to a specific training program.Trainings are individual, and therefore everyone is looking for their own. A workout can include aerobic exercise (trainings, it is customary to allocate sets - a short period of time during which intensive work is carried out), that is, as they used to say, cardio. There may also be anaerobic loads (exercises, trainings in which the muscular apparatus works at the expense of the energy obtained in the process of anaerobic glycolysis). Such training is of a periodic nature (muscles work for 0.5-5 minutes, after which a break is taken. But this, of course, depends on the method you choose. Training can develop all the physical qualities of a person: speed, agility, strength, flexibility and endurance. to speak in detail, not only horizontal bars and bars are involved on the site: these are all exercises using their own weight, exercises for static, exercises with additional weight.Training can be in any natural conditions: you can use stones, tires, any kind of support. workout is not extreme and there is nothing dangerous in workout training!

- Is there anyone else in your close circle who is fond of workout? Do you train together?
- Yes, and a great example This is joint training with friends, and the main example is family training. We often train with my wife, motivating each other. We arrange jogging, workouts at home and on the street, in the yards.

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