Choosing a Longboard

Features of choice: longboard, cruiser or fines. Which board is right for you?

Features of choice: longboard, cruiser or fines. Which board is right for you?

Photo: Alexander Startsev - Championship

- Tell us why longboarding is fashionable?

Vlad : Longboards began their history in the middle of the last century. They appeared before skateboards. Initially, a longboard was a flat long board on wheels, and riding was reduced to overcoming large turns at speed. However, in the 70s, skating with jumps and tricks came into fashion, and skateboards came to the fore. Until the 2000s, the longboard remained a hobby for a very narrow circle of people and, it seems, quite recently, has finally found a second wind.

Different forms began to appear for different riding styles. Now you can choose a board individually for yourself. A longboard can now be taken by a stunt lover, a speed lover, and even a dance lover. It seems that freedom of choice is the reason for the popularity of longboards these days.

Features of choice: longboard, cruiser or fines. Which board is right for you?

Photo: Alexander Startsev - Championship

- What types of boards are currently offered on the Russian market?

Vlad : There are a huge number of different types of boards on the market now. From the most popular today: skateboards (NewSchool), longboards (OldSchool), minicruisers (Penny). Less popular are snakeboards (a board with 2 additional pivots and leg bindings) and waveboards (a 2-wheel board with a torsion joint). All the differences in the boards are due to the different riding style. Each style has its own performance requirements. Skateboards must be lightweight and have a fixed shape that manufacturers cannot move away from. The shape of longboards is practically unlimited. However, a longboard must have good resilience and wide suspension for high speed. With minicruisers, everything is clear from the name - a small, light board that you can take anywhere.

- What about wheels? Should you pay attention to them? What should they be?

Vlad : Wheels are one of the main parts of a longboard. The size of the wheels is directly related to the type of longboard. The larger the wheels, the faster the longboard will go. However, with large wheels, legs get tired faster on long trains, so here you need to choose the middle ground. There is also such a thing as wheel stiffness. The stiffer the wheels, the less they lose speed on rough roads. Wheels with less rigidity are much more suitable for a comfortable, soft ride.

Features of choice: longboard, cruiser or fines. Which board is right for you?

Photo: Alexander Startsev - Championship

- Why do you make exactly longboards?

Nikita : The idea of ​​creating longboards came up spontaneously. Just wanted. We got together with the guys in the university library, drew up an action plan, assigned areas of responsibility and got down to work. The challenge was to doa product that would meet not only the strength characteristics, but also so that any person could afford to buy a board at an average cost, because at that time there was an opportunity to purchase only foreign longboards, the cost of which was biting. In addition, our feature is that we give the buyer the opportunity to order their own individual design, because everyone wants to stand out from the crowd.

- What are the popular long forms? What's the difference?

Vlad : Longboard has five basic forms: cruiser, freeride, dance, downhill and freestyle. The cruiser is designed for walking around the city. Most often it has the shape of a fish and minimal bends of the board. Freeride is a universal type of longboard. Has pronounced bends of the board, as well as a special way of attaching the suspensions. The base of the pendants for such longboards is located not below, but on top of the board. Dance is a type of longboard designed for dancing on the board. It has a very large length and width for easy leg repositioning. Downhill is a longboard designed for downhill descents. Has the same suspension placement as freeride, as well as flex in the center of the board for improved steering control. Freestyle is a longboard on which you can do tricks, almost like on a skateboard. However, he does not lose his speed. It has pronounced bends at the ends of the board for jumping and is about one meter long.

- How long does one board take?

Artem : We devote two weeks to making a board, which is guaranteed to be enough for creating a blank board, all sorts of clarifications and changes in the pattern, its application, complete assembly and delivery.

- How to learn to ride a board? What common mistakes do beginners make?

Artem: Try, try and try again, even if it doesn't work. Anyone can learn this, and without a couple of falls - nowhere. There are special schools in St. Petersburg that help you get on the longboard faster. Newbies can make mistakes in buying - for example, buying something cheap in a dubious place that does not travel and generally does not look like a longboard. And it's hard to make a mistake in skating. The process is intuitive, and if you find a riding friend or type at least once in a google search the query how to learn how to ride a longboard?, Then you will definitely not have any problems.

Features of choice: longboard, cruiser or fines. Which board is right for you?

Photo: Alexander Startsev - Championship

- On which surface is it better to stand on the long? Are there any preferred ones?

Artem : Asphalt, dry asphalt. Ideally, this is fresh asphalt, literally a few days as it should be. True, there are unique places such as underground parking lots, special longboard areas and other perfectly flat surfaces, but this is too cool. As for the ground in the park, you can, of course, go, but either slowly or painfully.

Instructions for a beginner. How to choose a board for the season?

WhenWhen choosing a board, you must first of all proceed from your own expectations from skiing:

* if you enjoy walking around the city with friends without tricks and high speeds, then take a cruiser or minicruiser (if you are too lazy to carry);

* if you want a more versatile board with which you can gradually enter all styles, then freeriding is your choice;

* if you like speed and would like to race down the slopes then downhill will suit you;

* if you want to learn tricks, but at the same time have a fast comfortable board, then freestyle is for you;

* but if you want to master such an extraordinary form of leisure, like dancing on a board, then take a dance. We advise beginners to start with a cruiser or freeride in order to learn how to ride and understand what style you like, and only after that switch to specialized longboards.

Thank you for participating in the shooting and preparing the material the Unique Longboards team.


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