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Fattype: what to eat to lose weight?

Our review today is based on the book “Fatty Top: The Ruthless Course of Highly Effective Workouts” by fitness industry veteran, pioneer in the online book format Tom Venuto . Surprisingly, contrary to the title and my expectations, 80% of the book is devoted to nutrition, not exercise. According to the author himself, training will not bring visible results until you change your eating habits. How nutrition can make your training process more effective will be discussed in our today's material.

Before taking and so immediately plunge you into the atmosphere of ruthless work on yourself, I will give a few numbers and facts that hooked me:

- Tom Venuto has been working on his book for about 14 years. In 2003, the world saw the initial version of the 12-week program.

- The original version of the book became an online sensation. She immediately found herself on the bestseller lists in the fitness world and stayed there for five years in a row - a record that has not been broken to this day.

- The core workout program is called New Body 28. The training plan itself was tested for three years.

The first day with the book

In a world where all the necessary information can be found on the Internet, read about diet not in a fashion blog, but in a book already somehow not accepted. In my opinion, it’s in vain! The knowledge gained from the book, on a purely psychological level, is counted as more fundamental and useful. The first day with the book was not easy and very responsible, I still had no idea how I would read it on public transport (after all, the name “Girotop” does not look very sexy). But for the sake of objectivity, I will say: this book hooks and motivates, which means to hell with all prejudices and stereotypes, we begin to delve into the content.

Where does fat grow from? Personal experience of the author of the book

Tom Venuto, excerpt from the book: “Once, when I was 14 years old and I was in school, I suddenly realized that I had a fat fold around my waist and male breasts, which I considered a terrible misfortune for a male teenager. I was scared to take off my shirt before swimming classes. When we played basketball in the gym, I prayed that I would not be called to play for "shirts" and not for "naked". And then I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger and my world turned upside down. ”

Eat. Part one

The whole point of the method is to learn to understand both the training process and the issue of nutrition. Become an expert for yourself. Look for information about proteins, fats and carbohydrates not on the Diet in 3 Minutes website, but in your own head. Learn to eat properly, consciously and tasty.

From the book: “Our brain does not care: diet or starvation, it perceives it exactly the same. It's stressful for him. ”

The Fat Program differentiates between food groups more accurately than most diets. Carbohydrates are categorized as starchy, fibrous and simple in terms of nutrition. Protein is reduced to lean because dieters do not have an urgent need to draw extra calories from fat Dairy products are reduced to low fat and low fat All categories are six food groups (three types of carbohydrates, lean proteins, dairy products and fats), all of them are interchangeable, that is, you collect your diet as a constructor. The book has several constructors with which even a child can plan his diet for the week.

An example of breakfast from the book: scrambled eggs - chatterbox (lean protein), hot porridge of four grains (starchy carbohydrates), blueberries (fibrous carbohydrates).

In addition, the author's methodology divides foods into “excellent” and “terrible.” Many book readers and “Grease. Ruthless Course of Effective Workouts ”, who have lost more than 45 kilograms of weight, began their transformation by eating the foods recommended as the top 12 for burning fat and avoiding the“ terrible dozen ”.

A lovely dozen. 12 foods that will speed up fat burning:

Whole fresh fruits;
Vegetables (any non-starchy);
Yams or sweet potatoes;
Oat flakes;
Brown rice;
Beans or beans;
Whole grains;
Low-fat or low-fat dairy products;
Chicken or turkey breast;
Eggs and egg whites;
Lean tenderloin of red meat, meat game.

From the book: “This short and simple list of foods is arguably one of the most valuable sources of information you'll find in a book, so keep it close at hand. The best part is that you will eat the same foods to build muscle. The difference is in their number. ”

An awful dozen. Products that you will have to give up

French fries and other deep fried foods;
Ice cream and milkshakes;
Donuts and cakes;
Sweets and pastries;
Soft drinks with sugar;
Juices, tea and dessert coffee with sugar;
White bread and white flour products;
Chips, corn strips and tortillas;
Bacon, sausage, processed meat;
Hot- dogs and burgers in fast food restaurants;
Sweet cereal for breakfast.

From the book:
“If you are in tears now because I have eliminated all of your favorite foods, don't worry. No product is completely banned. What we eat from time to time has little effect on body composition or health. What we eat every day is what matters most. Take this seriously. ”

Sample Daily Diet for Women

Meal# 1. Time: 6:00 am
Scrambled eggs / omelet (1 whole egg, 2 squirrels)
Whole wheat toast

Meal # 2 Time: 9:00
Greek yogurt, vanilla (170 g)

Meal # 3 Time: 12:30
Chicken breast (113 g)
Baked potatoes (170 g)
Green salad with cucumber and tomato
Olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Meal # 4 Time: 15:30
Salmon (142 g)
Asparagus (85 g).

Meal # 5 Time: 19:30
Lean beef, tenderloin (113 g)
Brown rice

Total : 1690 calories, 144 g protein, 195 g carbohydrates, 34 g fat.

Example of a daily diet for men

Meal # 1. Time: 6:00
Fried eggs / omelet (2 eggs, 3 squirrels)
Whole grain toast - Spinach - Mushrooms - Orange.

Reception meal # 2 Time: 9:00
Whey protein with vanilla

Meal # 3 Time: 12:30
Chicken breast (170 g)
Baked potatoes (226 g)
Green salad with cucumber and tomato
Olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Meal # 4 Time: 15:30
Salmon (142 g)
Asparagus (170 g).

Meal # 5 Time: 19:30
Lean beef tenderloin (170g)
Brown rice

Total : 2344 kcal, 195 g protein, 278 g carbohydrates, 47 g fat.

Tom Venuto, author of the book: “If I described only one nutritional complex and said that it should be followed meticulously, it could create some problems. And if someone is allergic or intolerant to half of the products? Therefore, the book describes the basic principles of nutrition, the knowledge of which will make it easy and painless to replace one product with another. This means eating right and varied. ”

What to do if you can't eat by the clock?

Life is not always predictable, and sometimes something happens that prevents even the best plans from coming true ... But there is a solution to unexpected problems: Plan B is a plan for the very case when you cannot follow the basic plan. The author of the book advises not to get upset and, most importantly, not to feel disappointed in any way because you have skipped a meal or cannot prepare the perfect meal for yourself.

From the book: “One dish will not destroy or build a body. Habits create or destroy us. Only what we do every day, day after day, week after week, matters a lot. ”

The second, but no less important advice from the book is to always remember that we have a choice. Even a fast food restaurant has a choice. You can have grilled chicken and water instead of a double bacon and cola cheeseburger. It's important to remember that even if you can only choose one dish, you still have a choice. Choose and seek a balance between quality and quantity of calories.

Be active

In addition to a fairly detailed nutrition program,to which more than half of the book is devoted, Tom Venuto talks about the importance and necessity of regular training and physical activity. The author himself divides workouts into cardio and strength training.

Not sure how much cardio workout you need for maximum results and minimum risk? Here's a simple and easy formula that has been proven over many years of research: A reliable starting point is three to four days a week of any cardio exercise of your choice, lasting 20-40 minutes. If you need to speed up fat burning, gradually increase the duration and frequency of your workouts weekly until you achieve the desired level of fat burning.

The book also contains a table for calculating your personal cardio plan for 98 days.

What will this book teach you?

The Girotop program described in the book , consists of sequential stages of a diet with an increasing reduction in carbohydrates and an increase in protein intake. The very principle of nutrition, supported by ready-made workout plans, is based on the intelligent manipulation of carbohydrates and proteins to accelerate fat burning.

Additional aids and exercise guide can be downloaded completely free of charge at www.BurnTheFatFeedTheMuscle.com

We are grateful to the Eksmo publishing house for help in preparing the material.

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