Fat man's diary. What if there is no time not only to cook, but also to eat?

A guy who is losing weight is in touch again, who has little time to take care of himself, but a great desire to at least change something. By my example within the framework of the Championship. Lifestyle I want to motivate the same big-boned people not only to watch football on TV, but also to be able to play it without grabbing the heart. In the previous part, I discovered the world of the right approach to nutrition. He told me how he analyzed his daily diet with the help of cool applications and almost lost all his achievements due to neglect of the menu on vacation. Today I'll tell you how I tested the food delivery service Grow Food, I made sure that systemic nutrition is the most important thing in the process of losing weight, I burned and fell, but got back on the scales.

Fat man's diary. What if there is no time not only to cook, but also to eat?

Fat Diary: All-inclusive trial. Travel to Turkey and not gain weight

How I survived in a Turkish hotel, turned food into numbers, woke up at 7 in the morning without the strength to get out of bed and still did not gain weight.

Divided, but did not rule

No, we are not talking about separate nutrition in the general sense. I just want to remind once again one of the few general axioms that losing weight guys should follow - instead of one large portion at a time, eat two smaller ones in two meals. A rare but hearty meal is a real source of overweight problems.

Overeating has pursued me from an early age. I am sure that everyone remembers the stories when the parents said: Until you eat, you will not leave the table. In my youth, the problem of time was added. In a short period of recess at school, I had to eat very quickly. In the military institution where I studied in high school, things only got worse. Yes, we had lunch and afternoon tea, but in a very short time we had to just swallow food. The routine was harsh.

As a result, a large, but fast lunch and an energy-consuming day led to a supper hungry for all the most harmful. I did not chew food, I ate at night and could not help myself - a habit. Overcoming it was the main task.

  • First, I put breakfast back into my routine.
  • Secondly, I kept my dinner to a minimum. I didn’t give it up, it’s just now chopped vegetables, bread and tuna in my own juice. Vegetables are rich in fiber and give you a feeling of fullness without hurting your waist. The nutritional value of a 100-gram portion of tuna in its own juice is only 100 kcal. It contains 20 g of protein and very little fat. The absence of carbohydrates makes the product completely safe for use while losing weight. For example, one can contains the daily requirement of animal protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Thirdly, having studied the menu suitable for myself, I chose the necessary products and began to stock up on them for future use. I gave up fried food for a long time, so the steamer became my friend. Buckwheat, rice, chicken breast or turkey - my set was not varied, but it was fine. Fourth, I bought 8 small containers inAshan and put food in them in portions. Morning one, morning two, lunch, second lunch, etc. This would be an ideal meal schedule.
Fat man's diary. What if there is no time not only to cook, but also to eat?

If not for new difficulties

  • Discipline. I sometimes forgot (sometimes I was just lazy) to arrange food in containers in the evening. And in the morning there was no time.
  • Work and personal affairs took a lot of time. I thought about food at the last moment. Sometimes he could take food with him and generally not eat it all day. As a result, the refrigerator at work was overflowing with my containers.
  • Sometimes I wanted to have a snack on the side - lunch with colleagues, dinner with friends in a bar with beer. There are always temptations. It is difficult to deal with them.
  • Monotony in food is just tired!

Nutrition has receded into the background again. The new habit was very difficult to establish. The head simply refused to obey the requirements to eat according to the schedule. The number of workouts in the gym has increased. And this means that after them I always wanted to replenish calories at the night table. I had to do something. For example, delegate the care of your nutrition, if not to your mother, then to professionals.

You can eat often, you can eat right: let the pros take care of you

In view of regular training and an active lifestyle, I again returned to the issue of food systematization. I began to use the application less often, as well as the kitchen scale, since I could count my calories in my head without prompts. However, the monotony of the dishes began to strain, and there was simply not enough time for new culinary delights. Buckwheat and chicken cooked for a week got tired, and it was decided to try one of the services for the delivery of tasty and healthy food.

Fat man's diary. What if there is no time not only to cook, but also to eat?

The choice fell on Grow Food . I had to use such a service for the first time, so at first I was bribed by their slogan that it is never too late to lose weight by summer. Yes, this is the motto of our project! And after the first call from the manager, I just relaxed. We discussed the delivery time, and once every two days, they bring me dishes for five meals a day in a convenient box. Five times a little - this is what I was striving for in building my diet.

My program was called Get fit. This is a suitable option for those who burn a lot of calories but wants to maintain an optimal balance in their consumption. I knew my menu in advance, since it is available on the site for the next few days. The sets in the box are signed on the corresponding day. The dishes are conveniently numbered.

  • First meal at home early in the morning, almost immediately after delivery. Usually these are cereals, cheese cakes or omelets with a diet dessert (400-500 kcal).
  • Second appointment already at work - brunch. It can include cottage cheese casseroles, salad, wok with chicken and, in general, slightly less high-calorie dishes than in the first breakfast (350-400 kcal).
  • Then there is a full lunch with a side dish, steamed cutlety or even lasagne (400-500 kcal).
  • A little later afternoon tea with cheesecake or soufflé (200-250 kcal).
  • And for dinner meatballs or boiled meat with cereal garnish (350-400 kcal).

Total I consume about, and more often less, 2000 kcal per day. Of these, on average, no more than 120 proteins, 85 fats and about 200 carbohydrates. For a guy, these are optimal numbers. Especially when the trainer's subtask to keep fat at the specified level is successfully completed.

Food systematization and new healthy habits

In a short time, I finally got the habit of not only eating in small doses, but also get up early. Now I get up at 7:00 without much difficulty. First, in order to have time to meet the courier. Now to work out a single time to get up and do your morning workout. It took a lot of effort to arrive at such a schedule, but proper nutrition is definitely the right way to systematize, including the schedule. I am still at the beginning of this journey.

I have no new figures for weight and waist. But I don't think they have changed much since the previous material. Now the most important thing is to get used to the new regime without much effort for the body. Summer has already arrived, there is the first progress, but the goal is still far away. My internal deadline is August 31st. My real goal is not only to be in shape, but also to test myself. For example, in a race or an obstacle race. Let's see what happens.

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