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Fat man's diary. Weight loss experiments: discoveries and failures

Before we get to the topic of nutrition, to which I have devoted two whole articles, a small summary of useful discoveries and tips I've tried on myself.

  • Analyze your body before making any lifestyle changes. Bioimpedance analysis can be the first step. Thanks to him, you will find out the structure of your body, calculate the percentage of excess fat, measure your metabolism, respiration and learn a lot of interesting things about yourself. Here is the summary of my analysis (bioimpedance analysis). I passed it at my fitness club Crocus Fitness Kuntsevo .
Fat man's diary. Weight loss experiments: discoveries and failures

Photo: Valeria Shugurin, Championship

  • Measure your waist once a week just below your navel and on an empty stomach. These are the main numbers that will tell you if your weight loss is progressing.
  • Analyze your nutrition before changing anything on the menu. For this, the applications in the smartphone MyFitnessPal, FatSecret and others are perfect. Calories, fats, proteins and carbohydrates will be at a glance. The kitchen scale will help you measure the weight of the portions, which you then add to the app.
  • Reduce serving size . Increase the number of meals to five meals at 2-3 hour intervals.
  • Don't forget about water! It is recommended to drink 30 ml of water per 1 kg of body weight.
  • Gradually eliminate foods from the menu that will not contribute to weight loss. During the experiment, I completely eliminated fried, fast food, minimized sweets and removed my favorite cheese. Move progressively and then you will definitely not experience difficulties with giving up the usual dishes.
  • Add sports, think over the final goal - we will discuss all this more than once in the blog.
Fat man's diary. Weight loss experiments: discoveries and failures

Fat Diary: All-inclusive trial. Travel to Turkey and not gain weight

How I survived in a Turkish hotel, turned food into numbers, woke up at 7 in the morning with no strength to get out of bed and still didn't gain weight.

Fat man's diary. Weight loss experiments: discoveries and failures

Fat man's diary. What if there is no time not only to cook, but also to eat?

Purely masculine approach. About how I experimented with nutrition and found the one that suits me.

Osteokto? Why should a losing weight go to an osteopath?

In the intervals between the gym and adjusting my nutrition, I had a chance to try out an absolutely new direction in medicine for myself - osteopathy. It turned out that some of my friends and colleagues had discovered an osteopath for themselves long ago and many were satisfied. Rave reviews sometimes reached an excellent degree: I learned to breathe for real, I forgot forever about pain in my back and knees. But there were also those who were restrained: it didn't get any worse and okay. Under the pressure of information from athletes and those who are losing weight, I simply could not pass by. Before going to a specialist, I sincerely did not understand what awaited me. Everything was supposed to be new for the brightness of emotions.

Fat man's diary. Weight loss experiments: discoveries and failures

Photo: Valeria Shugurin, Championship

Let's dwell on the interpretation of only the main term. Osteopathy is a scientifically proven method by which the doctor acts with his hands on the human body. This direction has already been analyzed in detail at the Championship, so let's go straight to my impressions.

Fat man's diary. Weight loss experiments: discoveries and failures

Sleight of hand: osteopathy from A to Z

What is an osteopathic check-up and how often do you need to pass it?

For the purity of the experiment, we needed not just a specialist, but a whole institution that specializes in osteopathy. The choice was made on the recommendation and fell on Osteopolyclinics . Yes, when I entered the doctor's office, I felt a slight tremor. Who knows what awaits me. But when I saw the complacent doctor, the nervousness went away by itself. I was supposed to be examined by a girl, and even the fact that it was necessary to remain only in underpants did not frighten me in any way. I felt the power of correct psychological contact with the patient.

Fat man's diary. Weight loss experiments: discoveries and failures

Photo: Valeria Shugurina, Championship

I spent almost an hour on the couch. During this time, the osteopath, using the palpation method, checked the joints of the arms and legs, the muscle tissues of the whole body, tried to identify violations of the mobility of internal organs and tissues. I paid special attention to the spine. Identified the vertebrae that require daily warm-up: arms behind the head, head tilted slightly forward and very slowly moving left and right.

Fat man's diary. Weight loss experiments: discoveries and failures

Photo: Valeria Shugurina, Championship

A comprehensive examination of internal organs did not reveal any pathologies or changes. At the same time, the doctor clearly identified the places where there were injuries and injuries. Has given appropriate recommendations. Towards the end of the session, I began to understand why some of my friends are delighted with osteopathy:

  • without painful procedures, analyzes and drugs, you can get a full body diagnosis, indicating problem areas
  • recommendations of a specialist allow without any skills and additional equipment to positively influence the body, especially with a sedentary lifestyle.
  • not only physical but also psychological stress falls off the shoulders. I experienced a mixed feeling of relaxation and mobilization.
  • osteopathy is another method of checking your body. When working in the gym and on simulators, especially without a trainer, many people experience fear that they negatively affect their body. Afraid of the health consequences. But when you know that everything is fine, or, conversely, some exercises should be excluded due to a negative effect, for example, on the hip joint, then the classes are much calmer.

Instead of a conclusion: everything fell into place

The osteopath was undoubtedly useful to me, because based on his recommendations, Icorrected the program in the hall. If you practice regularly and intensively, then visiting such a specialist at least once is a must.

An experiment to cleanse the body: how did I fail the detox exam?

Back to food and my willpower ... If you have read one of my past materials, then you know what stress my body experienced on work leave, consider a business trip. All the fault is delicious, but junk food and alcohol. The body needed cleansing. A fashionable detox was called to the rescue.

The beautiful and at the same time scientifically serious word detox attracted a new challenge. I had no idea how difficult it is.

Detox (detoxification) - a program to cleanse the body. In fact, this is a new cycle of nutrition, which can last for several days.

There are many detox programs, but most often it leads to a complete rejection of familiar foods in favor of juices and smoothies. This is the path prepared for me.

Fat man's diary. Weight loss experiments: discoveries and failures

Detox. They said to me: You will drink juice and lose weight. What is it really?

Theory and practice. Is it possible to lose a couple of kilograms on juices and smoothies?

Experienced colleagues warned me that the body should be prepared for detox without overloading it with heavy food for a while. A little later, a pretty girl from the SoloFood company called me and gave me detailed instructions on what to refuse. It turned out that you would have to give up fatty and fried, meat, alcohol, milk and even coffee. If it is difficult to follow a drinking diet, allow yourself celery. In addition, I was advised to replace strength training with a walk or yoga.

I was even a little upset, because according to my plan, I had intensive classes in the gym. But he decided to take a chance and confirmed the start of the course the very next day after returning from vacation.

The detox itself was supposed to last three days. How does it work? Cans of drinks were brought in every morning, having previously discussed a convenient time. On the first day, I opened the package with great interest and saw 7 bottles with different fillings. On the cover there was a serial number and the optimal time for reception. Inside there are all sorts of flavors and a wide variety of combinations - here are carrots, beets, apples, ginger, lemon, followed by a bottle of strawberries, kiwi, apple and lemon.

Fat man's diary. Weight loss experiments: discoveries and failures

Photo: Valeriya Shugurin, Championship

Inspired, I started the course. For the first half day, everything went great. There was a lot of work, but there was enough strength. It was felt that I was ready to hold out for more than three days. But towards evening, I missed the required interval for taking smoothies and I was overcome by a feeling of hunger. Don't repeat my mistakes. Arriving home, I intuitively looked into the refrigerator. I saw the seventh bottle and realized that it would go well with cabbage salad. I chewed something on the machine and immediately felt better.

In the morning I had a workout in the gym. Give it upI didn't want to, so I just warned the coach that now is the second day of detox and I need to be softer with me. However, not even the most strenuous training took a lot of energy. By evening, hunger became overwhelming, and closer to dinner I allowed myself a little buckwheat with a boiled cutlet. I only lasted for two days, I could not stand the detox exam. And all because I ignored the advice of a consulting nutritionist and did not remove strength training from the schedule.

But. These two days made me look differently at detox. Earlier it seemed to me that these are all female things, absolutely unacceptable for men. But then I learned more about the concept of cleaning programs and reconsidered my views. Detox drinks perfectly cleanse the body and remove toxins and toxins from it. As a result, disciplined adherence to instructions leads to reduced swelling, increased metabolism and even improved skin quality. My colleague in the experiment threw off 2.5 kilograms in three days and probably this result motivated me to try the program again.


Detox is a useful and necessary thing if you thoroughly observe all recommendations. Prepare the body in advance, avoid harsh physical exertion, tune not only the body, but also the spirit in the right way. But that sweet girl from Solofood warned me. It's a pity that after the vacation I did not take another week to recover, it seemed that it would be very easy to hold out.

The Real Mathematics of Weight Loss

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