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Fat Diary: the all-inclusive challenge. Travel to Turkey and not gain weight

My weight loss within the framework of the Championship. Lifestyle for 1.5 months already, and during this time I understood a lot. And to be precise in the wording, I felt the popular clichés that accompany a losing weight person on my own skin. This post will only talk about food. Oh, you can talk about this for hours. And it tastes so good that you will be drooling. In the first days of my new life, I once again refreshed the meaning of this phrase. Drooling often, like cartoon characters, where one is trying to eat the other. However, then the situation changed. Smoothly and gradually.

Fat Diary: the all-inclusive challenge. Travel to Turkey and not gain weight

Fat man's diary. Record number 2: will I have time to lose weight by the summer?

I started to eat right and play sports. But is it worth chasing time?

You are what you eat! Analyze your diet

My trainer-nutritionist Andrey Semeshov , in response to the direct question: What to eat and drink ?, also answered directly: Don't artificially deprive yourself of everything. Here was a great fellow who likes to drink beer with friends in an Irish bar a couple of times a week. So he realized that he needed to take up a bit of himself. So if you explain to him that everything, baru khan, then how long will he live so boring and sad? And our task is to make it fun. Even if a little hungry.

Sounds reassuring. But in fairness, I note that before that he strongly recommended the minimum task - to fit into the initially indicated calorie content. And the subtask is to keep fats at the specified level. That is, you need to start by analyzing your current nutrition in order to understand the difference between the desired calorie limit and the actual one. This is what I did with the help of a special application that counts calories, fats, carbohydrates, proteins and gives a lot of useful information. I downloaded FatSecret on my phone, but MyFitnessPal , Runtastic Balance and others will do. In such applications, you just need to drive in the name of the product you consume and its weight. Most likely, this product is already in the system up to specific variations of popular brands. Calorie content and other indicators will be calculated automatically. The day in the application is divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. The weekly report is generated in one touch. Insanely convenient.

Sample report.

How do I analyze my nutrition report? Learning to count calories

This report was generated back in April, when I first started taking part in the program. Of course, I decided for myself in advance to give up fast food, fried, everything that I considered harmful. I was not forced, but I really wanted to cultivate a new culture of food consumption. After the first report, the dietitian trainer concluded:

Dmitry's average daily caloric intake was in the range of 2300-2400 Kcal. It seems that he quite accurately fell into the definition of his calorie norm. If you just estimate it by the formula, then its basic metabolism is determined at the level of 1800-1900 Kcal. Further suggestIt is necessary to use coefficients - 1.2 with a minimum level of physical activity, 1.4 - if during the day it is possible to maintain a certain level of movement and go to the gym two or three times a week.

In our case, this fork is 2265 -2642 Kcal. Dmitry, as we remember, successfully solves the problem of losing weight, limiting his diet to 2300-2400 Kcal. And while the process is progressing confidently, I would by no means advise you to follow the path of further cutting calories. It makes sense to squeeze the most out of each stage. '

Fat Diary: the all-inclusive challenge. Travel to Turkey and not gain weight

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

It was the numbers of 2300-2400 Kcal per day that became the guideline for me in food consumption. Most importantly, I realized that I could afford a chocolate bar or a few beers. But! If you remember that there are 500 Kcal in 100g of a popular chocolate product, then I would not want to drain them like this thoughtlessly (and not very efficiently).

Since then, my food has temporarily turned into numbers. The math was not burdensome. Soon, I chose for myself a set of products that I like, are suitable for key indicators of harmlessness and are easy to prepare. If we are talking about side dishes, then these are buckwheat, rice and a wide variety of cereals. Sometimes boiled potatoes or pasta. When it comes to main dishes, preference was given to boiled chicken or turkey, a little less often to chicken cutlet. Sliced ​​vegetable salad without dressing has become a favorite dinner. I sincerely and with great pleasure ate red peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes. Everything was great, but then vacation happened.

Protect yourself not only from the sun, but also from temptations in food and drinks

No, I did not lie on the beach or in bed until noon ... Twice a year I take a vacation from my main job, so that I can then work at the Sports Wave football festival. You understood correctly - everyone is on vacation, and I work from morning until late at night, sometimes not eating at all. And this is the first problem - the diet is broken. There are no breakfasts and lunches now, there is no, I will not go for breakfast, I’d better sleep and after 0:00 can I still eat? Great, I'm going to the restaurant. The second problem is that I stopped counting calories in the app. It was just very lazy to spend time calculating the mass of food consumed. The third problem is food temptations and overeating. If you have been to the ultra all-inclusive hotel, then you know what I mean. In such hotels, you can eat at least 24 hours a day, and there are always dishes that you just can't help but try. You yourself do not notice how you go to the buffet three times for more. The fourth problem stems from the third - alcohol. It is also available almost around the clock. At the beginning of the program, I decided for myself that I would definitely minimize the consumption of even beer, but at sports events and in good company it is impossible to ignore it.

Going to the sea and working in a crazy rhythm greatly influenced the food. But, in fairness, I understood the responsibility to myself, and all the above aboutproblems did not go to extremes. However, he returned home exhausted. Food again had to be systematized, and homemade rice and chicken were no longer accepted. I didn't want to go back to monotony.

Fat Diary: the all-inclusive challenge. Travel to Turkey and not gain weight

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

Even more I was frightened by the prospect of picking up the meter and getting on the scales. Only a smart watch calmed me down. They counted over 15,000 steps every day, which indicated acceptable physical activity. As a result, the scales showed no change in weight - 94.2 kg . That is how much I weighed before the trip. But the waist added 1 cm. I really wanted to believe in the mathematical error, but the feeling of heaviness and fatigue spoke of the opposite. Thank you for the regression.

Before the trip, we agreed with the coach that I would send him a photo of the gym in the hotel, and he would draw up a program for me. I don't even know where the gym was located. Before my trip, I packed my jogging shoes and lots of white T-shirts to run along the seaside at 7am and change after every workout. As a result, at 7 am I just wanted to crawl deeper under the covers and not look at the clock.

After my trip, I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that you cannot lose what you have achieved. Hall, walking is great, but again I need help with catering. What steps I took, what test I failed, and how I found my own option for food, I will tell you in detail in the new entry of the Fat Man's Diary. And now, excuse me, the pizza won't eat itself ... It's a pity that I won't eat either.

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