Intermittent Fasting And Working Out On An Empty Stomach

Fasting workout. Should you run on an empty stomach?

Running is one of the most accessible types of physical activity. In addition, this is a great way to get your body in shape: get rid of extra centimeters, train your heart and lungs, tighten muscles. Almost everyone is involved in running - from children to adult professional athletes. While running may seem like a fairly straightforward cardio exercise at first glance, there are many pitfalls that affect the effectiveness of a workout and its health benefits. One of the questions that aspiring athletes ask is is it possible to run on an empty stomach?

Fitness trainer, triathlete and marathon runner Vladimir Lepesa tells about what running on an empty stomach can lead to and what rules should be followed.

Does fasting help you lose weight faster?

Regular morning fasting can be beneficial for people with slow metabolism. After all, it is physical activity in the morning that will help burn more fat deposits due to the lack of simple energy sources in the body - carbohydrates and proteins. However, other factors also influence the final result.

Vladimir: Running on an empty stomach, like any other workout without a prior meal, will in no way affect the achievement of your weight loss goals. Only the daily calorie intake matters. And when exactly you eat - before or after a workout - is not critical. The most important point is the comfort of such activities for you personally.

Fasting workout. Should you run on an empty stomach?


Fasting workout. Should you run on an empty stomach?

Question of the day. Does running help you lose weight?

Is running effective to lose weight? The coach answers.

Is running on an empty stomach safe for health?

Many runners are primarily concerned about the safety of such workouts. Eating a balanced diet throughout the day and paying attention to the intensity of your run can avoid negative health effects.

Vladimir: It makes no difference for the heart muscle whether you run on an empty stomach or eat breakfast before exercise ... Therefore, it is absolutely safe to jog on an empty stomach if you eat a balanced diet throughout the day. The timing of your meals is not that important. The only thing to consider is the intensity of your workout. If you are planning an intense interval running workout, it is worth eating before it, especially if you are a beginner. This will help avoid spikes in blood glucose.

Fasting workout. Should you run on an empty stomach?

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What can you eat before a running workout?

To avoid getting sick while jogging, be sure to drink 200-250 ml of water beforetraining. Plus, it's important not to wait for the first signs of dehydration, such as dry mouth and dizziness. To do this, take a small bottle of water with you and drink it during the lesson.

Vladimir: Be sure to remember that the last meal should be 1.5-2 hours before sports. Try not to eat foods that are heavy to digest: red meat, fatty foods. Cereals with fruit, eggs, light sandwiches on whole grain breads work well. If you are planning a monotonous running workout, do not eat before it.

Fasting workout. Should you run on an empty stomach?


Fasting workout. Should you run on an empty stomach?

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The effect of running on an empty stomach on the body

Despite all of the above facts, running on an empty stomach has a rather strong effect on the body as a whole. First, it increases the sensitivity to insulin, the hormone responsible for redirecting sugar to the muscles for energy. This hormone is secreted during a meal, so frequent snacking leads to the body becoming more insulin resistant. Which, in turn, causes weight gain.

Secondly, during runs on an empty stomach, the level of growth hormone increases. Thanks to it, the body builds up muscle mass and accelerates the processes of strengthening bone tissue.

Fasting workout. Should you run on an empty stomach?


Before starting such training, it is important to remember that running on an empty stomach is difficult. After the first kilometers, you may feel discomfort in your abdominal muscles. Minor pain and a slight burning sensation in the diaphragm may also appear. In addition, it is worth remembering that it is better to refrain from eating immediately after training. It is recommended to drink another glass of water and only after an hour have a full meal, excluding fatty foods. And last but not least, before starting any workout, do not forget to warm up. By observing all these rules, you will go out for runs much more often and finish them in good mood and well-being.

Fasting workout. Should you run on an empty stomach?

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Working Out on an Empty Stomach? Does It Help You Lose Weight FASTER? Fasted Cardio Explained

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