Whats the difference between fartlek training and interval training?

Fartlek, interval versus tempo training: what's the difference?

Fartlek: speed game

What is it? Fartlek (translated from Swedish as speed game) is a type of interval training with a constant change of pace. This program was developed by the Swede Gösta Holmer specifically for cross-country runners, but fartlek is also used in swimming, rowing and cycling.

What is the fundamental difference: intervals in fartlek loads alternate in random order both in intensity and in time. Simply put, you don’t know what will happen next, and therefore your body cannot prepare for this, since it has no time to adapt. As a result, the body has to maintain a high metabolism and energy level throughout the distance. Fartlek is best to run without paying attention to your watch or smartphone.

How to build a workout: After warming up, you start experimenting with speed: accelerate for a few seconds, then recover and run to calm pace. Alternate between intensive and recovery sessions. Fartlek is fun to run in company, constantly overtaking each other and arranging mini-competitions.

Pros: Comfortable workout that improves body awareness, mental stability and endurance.

Pace workout: listen to your breathing

What is this? A classic tempo workout consists of warm-up (warm-up), running at anaerobic threshold and cooling down at your own pace.

What is the fundamental difference: it is important to catch the very moment when you begin to hear your breathing, but still do not gasp for air. If you can speak easily, then you are not yet in the tempo running zone. If you cannot speak at all, then you are no longer in the tempo run zone. Relatively speaking, tempo training involves getting out of your comfort zone.

Pros: Raising your anaerobic threshold. It also improves endurance, concentration and mental stability.

Interval training: short and intense

What is this? Interval training is short, intense intervals alternating with equal or slightly longer periods of recovery running. For example, after warming up, you run for 2 minutes at maximum effort, then for 2-3 minutes you switch to a light run or step to restore breathing.

What is the fundamental difference: in contrast to tempo, in interval training, you run to your limit. These intense stretches are followed by light recovery areas. The whole point of this training is about recovery, the segments of which should not be shortened or too fast. The main goal is just to get your bodyadapts to the load and became stronger precisely in the moments of recovery.

Pros: running shape improves, endurance increases, fat is actively burned.

What Is Fartlek Training? | Running Workouts For Speed & Endurance

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