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FAQ on mask mode: how to behave on the streets of Moscow

This week, the weekend regime has officially ended in our country. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the gradual lifting of quarantine restrictions on May 11, addressing citizens. For the first time, the joyful townspeople saw at least a small opportunity to return to their former joys: walking along the street, doing sports in the fresh air and in fitness, unhindered trips to loved ones.

At the same time, each region remained in the right to decide how to dispose of public life. For example, the decree of the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin on the extension of self-isolation until May 31 has not been canceled. On the contrary, a mask regime was introduced in the capital, and the residents of the city and the region had even more questions. We answer in detail the most popular of them.

FAQ on mask mode: how to behave on the streets of Moscow

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Is the self-isolation regime over in Moscow and the Moscow region?

No, for now it will remain until May 31, although the first wave of lifting restrictions has already taken place: industrial and construction enterprises have re-activated. The mayor is in no hurry with the second stage of easing measures, because, according to him, we need to wait a couple more weeks and see how the May holidays turn out for us and more people go to work. So with the return to full-fledged social life, the capital and the region decided to postpone, and we will most likely hear more detailed information closer to the summer.

FAQ on mask mode: how to behave on the streets of Moscow


Where can you go in the city?

Those who do not need to commute can still go out with respectful reasons. These include seeking medical attention, taking out the trash, going to the pharmacy or grocery store, and walking with your pets within 100 meters of your home. By the way, you can go to the dacha too! But to travel by public and private transport, citizens still need a special pass.

In cases where bus or metro travel can be avoided, we recommend that you give preference to walking. This will reduce the amount of contact with other people and, in addition, replenish your daily steps.

FAQ on mask mode: how to behave on the streets of Moscow

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Is it possible to train outdoors?

But training in the fresh air in Moscow has not yet been included in the list of good reasons that will allow you to legally leave your apartment. However, Rospotrebnadzor made a recommendation to allow fans of an active lifestyle to go outdoors, and the Ministry of Sports supported this initiative. Therefore, it is quite possiblethat in the near future we will be allowed to train on equipped grounds, run and ride a bike.

In addition, the Minister of Sports Oleg Matytsin expressed the opinion that if the restrictions are eased, it is necessary to resume training of local teams at regional facilities. In any case, both individual lessons and group lessons will only be possible subject to strict security measures.

FAQ on mask mode: how to behave on the streets of Moscow


Mask mode: what to wear when leaving home?

These measures can just be described with one capacious expression - mask mode. It involves wearing not only masks or respirators, but also gloves. Such equipment is required for work in the office and at the enterprise, going to the store and shopping center, taxi rides and any types of public transport. By the way, without personal protective equipment, you may simply be denied the provision of services and asked to leave the store, subway or car.

In addition, in all public places you need to maintain a social distance - at least one and a half meters from each other!

FAQ on mask mode: how to behave on the streets of Moscow

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When will fitness centers open?

Why are they worse than shopping centers? In contrast, fitness clubs help boost immunity and maintain wellness through sports and spa treatments. And, let's be honest, home trainings already want to diversify with something. Nevertheless, there are no plans to open gyms in the near future. The same applies to entertainment venues, beauty salons, cafes and restaurants.

Mass sports events are still banned. Probably, football fans will be able to go to the match, alas, not soon. But we are all looking forward to this great time!

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