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Famous fans. Club as a lifestyle

It's no secret that the Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt is a fan of the Manchester United football club. In an interview, Bolt admitted that he would not mind playing for the Red Devils after completing his professional career. And finally, the athlete had such a chance. Recently it became known that if he manages to recover from his injury, he will play on September 2 in the match of legends between Manchester United and Barcelona and thus fulfill his dream.

The championship compiled a list of famous musicians, actors and journalists who, like Bolt, they have been loyal football fans for many years and, who knows, maybe they will also be able to join the ranks of their favorite club someday, at least for one match.

1. Denis Matsuev - Spartak
The famous pianist Denis Matsuev has been a fan of Moscow Spartak from an early age. According to him, at first he even hesitated who he should become - a pianist or a football player. As you know, music won, but Matsuev remained a loyal fan of the red and white.

В July Matsuev hit the ball for the first time in the Russian Super Cup match between Spartak and Lokomotiv.

2. Nobel Arustamyan - Juventus
As a well-known commentator admitted in an interview, since he watched the 1996 Champions League final match between Juventus and Ajax, he began to root for the old lady.

The commentator has a lot of T-shirts autographed by his favorite team players.

3. Steve Nash - Tottenham Hotspur
In the family of famous basketball player Steve Nash, love for the London club Tottenham is inherited. Like his father, Nash has been a spur fan since childhood. After finishing his professional career, a basketball player watches the matches of his favorite team.

And attends Tottenham training.

Steve Nash's grandfather and father were rooting for Tottenham, so it's not strange what he wants, so that his children follow this tradition.

4. Dominic Monaghan - Manchester United
Another loyal fan of Manchester United. The famous actor, who was remembered by many for the TV series Lost, as well as for the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings, moved to Manchester at the age of 11. Since then, the actor has been a fan of Manchester United. Monaghan recently attended a Red Devils training in Los Andes.zhelese.

The actor also trains in the form of his favorite team.

5. Noel Gallagher - Manchester City
The former vocalist of the famous British rock band Oasis, together with his brother Liam, has been a fan of Manchester City since childhood. The musician actively supports the club, shares links to interviews on social networks, meets with the players and the team's coach.

6. Karen Adamyan - Roma
TV presenter and commentator Karen Adamyan has been rooting for Roma since 2002. And recently, Adamyan was able to visit a Roman derby.

And it's not surprising that the journalist's favorite footballer - Francesco Totti.

7. Rafael Nadal - Real Madrid
One of the best tennis players of our time has been supporting Real Madrid for many years. He is friends with the players of the club, and at the beginning of the year admitted that he would not mind taking the post of president of Real Madrid. Who knows, maybe he will be the next after Florentino Perez .

8. Lewis Hamilton - Arsenal
The British racing driver admitted that he has been supporting Arsenal since the age of five. In 2015, the Mercedes pilot took part in a charity match for the London club, playing with Thierry Henry, Jamie Carragher and other famous football players.

When Hamilton has time, he attends matches of his favorite team.

9. Jeremy Clarkson - Chelsea
English TV host and journalist Jeremy Clarkson is an exception on our list. For many years, the TV presenter did not like or watch football. However, Clarkson's son became interested in football and became a fan of the London club. Gradually, the famous host began watching games and attending Chelsea matches.

Also Clarkson with The Grand Tour team visited the Chelsea base.

10. Mikhail Boyarsky - Zenit
This list would not be complete without the main fan of Zenit. Mikhail Boyarsky is one of the most famous fans of the St. Petersburg club. As a child, the actor's father brought him to the stadium, after which Mikhail Sergeevich fell in love with football, and later the club for which he is rooting now.

Which famous fans who fell in love with football from an early age do you know?

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