A 5-Minute Japanese Massage to Tone Up Your Face Muscles

Face fitness for men. How to keep your face toned at any age

It is a mistake to think that only women need to look after and take care of their faces. After all, let's be honest, everyone wants to look good, regardless of gender. In order to get rid of flaws, it is absolutely not necessary to resort to plastic or injections. The modern trend, which is called face fitness, proves that for a visible effect, you just need to properly work out the muscles of the face. This can be done with the help of special exercises or massage - the most pleasant option.

Together with the master of the Face Fit studio at the Metropolis business center Natalia Hendershot we will tell you how massage transforms the face and what are the features of the male procedure.

Face fitness for men. How to keep your face toned at any age

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

Why is a male facial massage useful and what stages does it consist of?

As we have already said, men, just like women, want to enjoy the reflection in the mirror. Facial massage is primarily beneficial from an aesthetic point of view, as it eliminates visual problems. But the advantages do not end there.

Natalia: Massage helps to smooth out wrinkles, raise the nasolabial and eyebrows, get rid of a double chin, remove bags and dark circles under the eyes, tone the skin and achieve a lifting effect. Naturally, all people need this. Secondly, massage relaxes, empties the head, removes negative energy. After the procedure, a person feels rested and energized.

Do not forget that massage is also a full hour workout for the muscles of the face. In the studio, like any activity in the gym, it is divided into several stages:

  • cleansing the skin and preparing for a massage;
  • warm-up - warming up muscles;
  • deep muscle work (includes both the face and the décolleté, neck, head);
  • working out the oval of the face using Guasha combs;
  • sculpting;
  • hitch - relaxation and hydration.

No wonder you will feel pleasantly tired after such an extensive training program.

The fourth Face studio opens on February 14 Fit in BC Legend Tsvetnoy on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. On the opening day, the massage is free to try for everyone. In addition, subscriptions on this day will be with discounts of up to 40 percent.

Is there a difference between a male procedure and a female one?

Experienced masters build a procedure plan based on the individual characteristics of the client, not from his gender. Still, men have similar preferences.

Natalia: As a rule, men do not like very strong massage. They come for relaxation. But the very concept of face-fit is that this is a massage with an in-depth study of muscles, this is a workout. We work the muscle, lift it, force it back into place, start the regeneration process.

Recommendations to get the best effect

To the procedure turned out to be the most useful, it is worth listening to four tips. Their implementation does not require much effort, but will significantly affect the result of the massage.

Cut or shorten your beard

Of course, not every man will take such a step, especially if he has been growing hair for several months, or even years. But remember that it is much easier (and more pleasant!) For a master to work with a shaved face or short beard than with a long one - although there are such cases.

Choose comfortable clothes

Before going to the studio, it is best to put on a T-shirt, as it does not cover the neckline and its straps fall easily. This is necessary in order to work out the neck, shoulders, chest during the massage and drive the lymph into the axillary sinuses.

Remove accessories from your hands

bonus will massage your hands. To do this, at the beginning of the procedure, a cream is applied to them, and then they are temporarily wrapped in special mittens to let the skin soak in useful substances and moisturize.

Remember that the main thing is regularity

Despite the fact that pleasant sensations appear after the first session, the real effect, according to the master, becomes visible only after the fourth procedure. A standard course, which will help to bring the muscles of the face into shape, has from 10 to 15 visits.

Natalia: I advise you to go for a massage twice a week or three. One is possible, but more is desirable. And if a man has a flew, his nasolabial is lowered, his skin tone is generally lost, then, naturally, I recommend a course of 15-20 sessions to achieve a result. The face demands it. I always say that with the help of massage you can prolong youth - it's true.

From the first person: the editors share their impressions

As they say, it is better to see once, or rather to feel. The editorial staff of the Championship Dmitry Kapuschak tested the muscle pumping procedure on himself and shared his impressions with us.

Dmitry: Facial massage is a very unusual experience, especially for a young bearded man. If initially the process is presented as a kind of relaxation, then in my case it was more of a tonic sensation.

Face fitness for men. How to keep your face toned at any age

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

During an hour session I felt every muscle on my face. The master definitely achieved an immediate sports effect after the first procedure. go through at least 10 workouts, small changes are still visible right away. Workout is a very accurate definition of the whole process. Pleasant fatigue seems to say that you did a good job today. Something similar is felt after leaving the gym.

It's no secret that both men and women, with not the most healthy diet, cheeks grow actively. If you look for a quick way to get rid of them, then face training will definitely be one of the options.

On February 23, all Face Fit studios will be doing a free lifting massage for men. You have a great opportunity to test the effect on yourself.
Face fitness for men. How to keep your face toned at any age

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Face fitness for men. How to keep your face toned at any age

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