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Extreme weight loss. What to do with the skin now?

Every person who has experienced extreme weight loss, one way or another, faced the problem of excess skin. After a lot of weight loss - no matter how gradually it happens - the skin cannot always return to its original state and becomes the cause of other unpleasant moments. It's not just aesthetics: loose skin itself can weigh a lot, cause pain and complicate the training process. In some cases, losing weight manages to avoid this - if the skin is elastic enough, gradually it just tightens. However, when it comes to really dramatic weight loss, you cannot do without surgical interventions. The 28-year-old American Lexi Reed tells how she lost weight from 220 kg and solved the problem of sagging skin.

Extreme weight loss. What to do with the skin now?

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In 2016, Lexi Reed, who at that time was 25 years old, weighed almost 220 kg. The doctors said she would not live to be 30, and Lexi herself almost believed it. At one point, the girl realized that she was no longer able to fall asleep with the thought that she might not wake up. Lexi began to work on herself.

The girl's diet now includes healthy dishes - from eggs, chicken, fish and vegetables. However, there was also a place for the usual hamburgers. All ingredients have been replaced by healthier alternatives - lean meat, gluten-free bread and sugar-free ketchup.

Extreme weight loss. What to do with the skin now?

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In the gym Lexi spends quite a lot of time every day. She combines cardio and strength training, gradually increasing the load under the careful supervision of a trainer. Classes are even more effective when they are in a group and outdoors.

Over the next two years, thanks to balanced nutrition and sports, Lexie managed to lose more than 140 kg. All this - in a natural way, without miraculous pills and surgical intervention. As Reed explains in his account, she was helped a lot by the Internet community Dietdebt, in which people set goals for losing weight and can earn money for achieving them.

Lexi is losing weight with her husband Danny. Their love story can be called classic - according to the canons of romantic comedies for teenagers. They met in high school, fell in love, went to prom together, and got married a couple of years later. Only they lived happily ever after and weighed under half a ton. The couple decided to change for the better together andstarted with your lifestyle.

Lexi currently has an account with over 1.2 million subscribers. On the Internet, she is known under the nickname @fatgirlfedup (English bbw is fed up). The girl does not stop at what she has achieved - she continues to work on herself and inspires others.

Extreme weight loss. What to do with the skin now?

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How to solve the problem of excess skin?

Like most people who have lost such heavy weight, Lexi is faced with the problem of saggy and ugly skin. As the girl notes, she was overweight all her life, her skin was in such a stretched state for years and could not be pulled down to a new figure.

The greatest inconvenience to Lexi was caused by a saggy stomach: it interfered with training, tightened the skin on her back , did not allow me to wear clothes that fit.

Unfortunately, the doctors assured that it would not be possible to get rid of a problem of this magnitude on our own. Then Lexi decided on a surgical procedure. In the fall of 2018, she underwent surgery to remove sagging skin in the torso and back. As a result of the 9-hour procedure, 7 kg of her skin was removed.

Lexi has not achieved stops. The girl told her subscribers that she plans to repeat the operation soon - this time to get rid of excess skin on her arms, and later she is going to remove sagging tissue on her thighs.

However, in less running cases you can get rid of the sagging tissue yourself. The main thing is an integrated approach, which should include:

  • balanced nutrition;
  • normalization of water balance;
  • home cosmetic care (scrubs, body wraps, self-massage, contrast shower);
  • beauty treatments in salons.
Extreme weight loss. What to do with the skin now?

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