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Extreme measures. Who will work during quarantine in Russia

For three months, a stubborn fight against the spread of coronavirus infection has been waged around the world. This time, serious measures have overtaken our country. Today Vladimir Putin made an appeal to the Russians, in which he said that the week from March 28 to April 5 is officially declared non-working. But the weekend isn't coming for all organizations. We tell you what else will work after the introduction of quarantine.

Medical institutions

Over the coming weekend, doctors and staff of hospitals, clinics and private institutions will continue to work. If you suddenly stretch a muscle or overload the knee joint during a home workout, you can go to a medical facility any day to consult and get the necessary medical care.

Remember that now it is especially important to listen to your own health, observe rules of hygiene and social distance, as well as strengthen the immune system so as not to get infected.

Extreme measures. Who will work during quarantine in Russia



There you can easily get all the necessary medicines and personal hygiene products. Of course, if they are in stock. Remember that some serious medicines require a doctor's prescription to purchase. And do not argue with pharmacists if the pharmacy does not have the right drug or mask. Believe me, it's not easy for them now either.


This applies to both large supermarkets and chain stores, and small outlets near the house. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to buy tons of gluten-free bread and other PP products in advance. By the way, online shopping will also continue to work. If you wish, you can buy everything you need on the Internet and order delivery by courier to your home.

Shops with sports equipment and equipment also continue to serve customers. And while the country has not taken even more stringent measures, we advise you to have time to buy dumbbells and fitness rubber bands for home workouts. After all, sports not only keep the body in good shape, but also have a positive effect on health.

Extreme measures. Who will work during quarantine in Russia

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Extreme measures. Who will work during quarantine in Russia

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And all other institutions that provide banking and financial settlements. So you can withdraw cash from an ATM, put money into an account, get or restore a card and pay for various services at the nearest branch. And the bank's employees will continue to help you figure it out.


Metro, electric trains, buses, trams, trolleybuses and minibuses will continue to operate normally. You can still get to anywhere in the city by publicnatural transport, although it is better to avoid this and give preference to walking. They will deprive you of the opportunity to touch dirty handrails and turn out to be a good cardio load for the body.

Extreme measures. Who will work during quarantine in Russia


However, residents of the capital who use social cards will have to forget about free trips and discounts for a while. From March 26 to April 14, discounted travel will not be valid for schoolchildren, students and the elderly.

Authorities at all levels

Both higher and municipal. This also applies to all branches of the court. But you do not need to break the quarantine and visit them, since most of the issues can already be resolved with online requests.

Extreme measures. Who will work during quarantine in Russia

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Extreme measures. Who will work during quarantine in Russia

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