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Express workout at home. Five effective exercises from a fitness trainer

The name Kayla Itsines has become a symbol of success in the fitness industry. The Greek Australian trainer became famous and rich thanks to the Bikini Body Guides e-book, which is a detailed workout guide and nutritional advice for a 12-week course. In the wake of popularity, Kayla released the second part of the book, and also introduced the Potey with Kayla mobile application, which allowed her to enter the list of the richest young Australians. Now the fortune of Itsines and her husband Toby Pierce exceeds $ 50 million.

In 2019, Kayla gave birth to a child, but the worries of motherhood do not prevent the girl from keeping herself in shape and inspiring 12 million subscribers on her Instagram to take fitness classes.

Itsines recently published an express workout that you can do anywhere. Five effective body exercises that do not require any equipment are exactly what you need to maintain good physical condition in self-isolation!

Express workout at home. Five effective exercises from a fitness trainer

How to pump your buttocks at home? Effective workout

20 minutes of intense activity to tone your muscles.

Squats alternating with back lunges

Exercise for the quadriceps and gluteal muscles. The calf muscles, abs, hamstrings and back extension muscles are also involved.

Starting position: feet shoulder-width apart.

Squat with the pelvis back. The knees should not go over the toes. Lunge back after each squat. To do this, move the leg so that when squatting, the angle of flexion of the front leg at the knee is 90 degrees. The knee of the hind leg must be lowered as low as possible so that the shin is parallel to the floor and forms a right angle with the thigh. Do lunges alternately on the left and right legs.

The exercise is designed for 15 repetitions of the back squat-lunge connection.

Express workout at home. Five effective exercises from a fitness trainer

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Modified burpee without jumping

Involves all major muscle groups. Seriously loads the buttocks, hamstrings, quads, shoulders, triceps, pecs, abs, back muscles. Promotes intense calorie burning, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

The difference between the exercise offered by Itsines and the classic burpee is the absence of jumping.

Starting position: standing straight, feet shoulder width apart.

Extend both arms up and stretch, lifting your heels off the floor. In this case, it is not necessary to tear off the socks from the floor. Bend your knees and do a squat. Place your hands on the floor and assume a plank positionand, alternately straightening your legs. It is important that the transition to the plank position is not carried out in a jump - when you straighten one leg, the other touches the floor and serves as a fulcrum. Keep the body in a straight line, avoid arching the hips and lower back. Place your palms under the shoulder joints.

In this variant, the burpee does not need to touch the floor with the chest. Pull your knees up to your arms one at a time so that your thigh is parallel to the floor. Bend the first leg that was straightened first. Straighten up sharply, stretching your arms up and lifting your heels off the floor, while keeping your toes in contact with the surface.

Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Turns in the plank

Engages abs, back muscles, gluteal muscles, quads, calves, chest muscles, shoulders.

Starting position: plank on straight arms. Brushes under the shoulders, feet shoulder-width apart. The body should be in a straight line. The loin and hips do not bend, the neck is an extension of the back, the chest is in the same plane with the shoulders.

Raise one arm vertically so that both arms and shoulders are on one straight line, at right angles to the floor. The body turns after the hand, the position of the feet remains unchanged. Return to the starting position with your raised hand on the floor. Then make the same turn in the other direction.

The exercise involves 10 turns - 5 in each direction.

Knee push-ups

Press, chest muscles, biceps, triceps, deltoids.

Starting position: lying on the floor in a prone position.

Stretch your arms forward, then bend at the elbows and place your palms shoulder-width apart. Push up on the floor with outstretched arms, resting on the floor with your knees. At the top, the arms should be at right angles to the floor, and the body should be in a straight line from knees to head. Lower your body to the floor, stretch your arms forward.

Do 10 reps.

Oblique crunches on the press

Acts on the oblique muscles and abs.

Starting position: lying on your back, hands behind your head, feet on the floor, bent at the knees.

As you exhale, stretch your shoulder to the opposite knee. Pull your knee towards your raised shoulder. The lower back and other shoulder remain flat on the floor. While inhaling, return to the starting position. Repeat the movement with the opposite part of the torso.

The exercise is designed for 10 repetitions - five in each direction.

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