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Exposing fitness bloggers: first they buy diplomas, then teach us how to live

More recently, it turned out that the famous blogger Elena Kornilova , who kept an account about treatment with dietary supplements, advised subscribers to drugs that were really harmful to health. In addition, the diploma of a biochemist, with which the girl has repeatedly confirmed her competence, turned out to be fake. Are all Instagrammers so good in reality? Here's why you can't trust fitness bloggers yet.

Apparently, the girl received a percentage of her followers' orders on a well-known site. Each recommendation was accompanied by a personal discount promotional code.

The harm of any, even the most harmless, pills in such quantities is obvious. But, watching a beautiful picture on the social network, many people who have lost hope of getting rid of the problem dutifully fulfill all the points from the publication.

Every day a large number of weight loss marathons and advertisements of slimming powders appear on the Web. Gullible young ladies who dream of losing weight by summer and young people who want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger are ready to pay any money for a magic kick and weed. Unfortunately, the results shown in the photo, in reality, are often far from ideal.

The famous blogger Elena Sanzharovskaya does not neglect the photo editors. We do not argue, at 52 years old, the fitness lady looks just great. However, the difference in some photos is easy to notice. What is it - the power of the angle or the famous Photoshop? Judge for yourself.

But editing your body is not scary, much worse take money from others and promise them the same.

So, judging by the comments that are instantly cleared in the profile, nutritionist Svetlana Shidlovskaya is doing it. After participating in the weight loss marathon, the girl lost 30 kilograms and decided to help everyone lose weight. This is how marathons appeared with identical personalized fitness plans and tips copied from popular sites.

Some bloggers, on the contrary, boldly share the results of training without filters, secret angles and openly say that everyone has disadvantages.

Just a regular selfie that I don't pose for. Sometimes I wonder how useful Instagram and other social networks are for the whole world. And then I remember you girls. This is a place where we can all share our struggle and our victories and know that we are not alone, but also meet the friends we haveand never would have been, for this I love insta. But I would be lying if I said that I would never catch myself that the feeling that insta is an endless pit of comparisons leads me into a stupor. No matter how alarming it is for me to compare myself, it is just as alarming for me to think that others are comparing themselves to me ...

We support this position, because, of course, it is necessary to strive for an ideal body. But this does not mean that, being inspired by a fake picture on Instagram, you need to exhaust yourself with hunger and endless training. Everything should be in moderation and for health benefits.

The main thing is not to forget that everything needs to be treated critically. Even the most popular bloggers, whose bodies are idolized by millions. After all, doing something for yourself does not mean that you can teach it to others. And is it worth it to teach, maybe it's enough to just inspire and motivate?

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