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Explosive technology. 5 types of push-ups that you will not cope with right away

Among the most accessible and effective exercises, one of the first lines of the rating is occupied by push-ups. They perfectly strengthen the muscles of the back, chest, shoulders and abs, increase endurance and do not require special equipment. To perform an exercise with your own weight, you only need a solid, flat surface.

For some experienced athletes, classic push-ups from the floor may seem too easy. In order to diversify the workout and test themselves for strength, many visitors to the gym complicate the already familiar exercise. We have selected for you five types of push-ups that not everyone can perform, and talked with the wellness coach and Championship expert Andrey Semeshov about whether to switch from classic push-ups to more sophisticated ones.

Do you need complex push-ups?

Before answering this question, you need to decide on the goal that you set for yourself. If it is just to work on muscle mass, then you can probably do without difficult types of push-ups.

Explosive technology. 5 types of push-ups that you will not cope with right away

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Andrey: If the development of body muscles dominates in the list of your priorities, then the classic would be the best choice. Of course, over time, regular push-ups may not be enough - the muscles adapt. In this case, it will be logical to perform push-ups, for example, for finishing after a bench press or any other exercise for the same muscle groups. You can also use different methods of increasing the intensity: manipulate the rest time, the number of repetitions, use an additional burden (for example, a vest). Another thing is that classic push-ups do not impress viewers of YouTube videos.

If you are already in good physical shape and confidently doing strength exercises, advanced types of push-ups will be a great way to test your strength. We tell you what techniques are difficult even for experienced athletes.

Diamond push-ups

The difficulty of diamond push-ups is that the arms should be as close as possible in front of the body. The index and thumb of both hands touch in such a way that they form a diamond or triangle shape. When performing the exercise, it is necessary to tighten the hips and buttocks, draw in the stomach a little and control the deflection of the lumbar spine. In general, these rules resemble the plank technique, only in dynamics. Tilt the body as low as possible so that it touches the hands as much as possible.

The main load in the diamond push-ups falls on the shoulder and elbow joints, pectoral muscles, the anterior bundle of the deltoid muscle and the triceps brachii.

Explosive technology. 5 types of push-ups that you will not cope with right away

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Superman push-ups

They are worth starting if you are confident doing explosives push ups. The main difficulty of the Superman technique is that you need to simultaneously raise your torso and legs into the air, pushing off with your hands and helping with the movements of the pelvis. After lifting off the ground, stretch your arms and legs in a straight line. This pose is just like Superman's flight.

Before doing the exercise, take the time to warm up your hands so as not to injure them upon landing.
Explosive technology. 5 types of push-ups that you will not cope with right away

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Finger Pushups

When done regularly and correctly, the exercise develops a strong grip, so it is perfect for martial artists. In addition, push-ups on the fingers are also the prevention of specific diseases of the joints.

Probably, you will not be able to immediately master such a complex technique. First you need to learn to stand on your toes, leaning on your knees, and then on your toes. As a safety net, you can put any convenient object under your palms: a small hemisphere, a boxing glove or a twisted belt made of fabric.

Such push-ups give additional stress on the forearms, as well as on the muscles and joints of the hands and fingers.

Andrey: If you perform push-ups, keeping the balance, for example, on two fingers, the load on these joints will be the limiting factor that will force you to complete the exercise. At the same time, the muscles of the arms or chest could still work, get a much greater load and respond to growth.

Explosive technology. 5 types of push-ups that you will not cope with right away

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Weighted Spiderman Pushups

If you cannot perform 15-20 classic push-ups with high quality, then this advanced exercise will definitely not suit you forces. First, you have to do it with the weight on your back. Dumbbells or even a sandbag can be put in a backpack for convenience. Second, Spider-Man's technique is dynamic. Your task is to pull the knee to the elbow on bent arms and then straighten the leg. After that it must be bent again and changed in a jump to another.

Never hold your breath while doing the exercise. Maintain a rhythm and don't spread your arms too wide. This will help you keep your balance.

The main load in Spiderman push-ups is on the chest muscles.

Explosive technology. 5 types of push-ups that you will not cope with right away

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Aztec push-ups

Before go to the Aztec push-ups, you need to confidently do 20-30 repetitions in the classic style and 10 in the explosive one with a lift off the ground. After that, we move on to push-ups, during which we try to touch the opposite knee with our hand. The next level is touching the knees with both hands in the air. And only after that you will be able to properly master the Aztec technique, in which it is important to reach with your fingertips to your socks.

Explosive technology. 5 types of push-ups that you will not cope with right away

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