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Experiment. How I tried 4 sports in a week

There are countless different studios, halls and other activities in Moscow. Eyes run wide. If you want to start playing sports, but are lost in the variety of offers, perhaps the FITMOST membership will be a good solution. I tried such a subscription for myself, tried 4 new sports in a week and am ready to share my impressions.

FITMOST is a single universal subscription that gives access to training in hundreds of studios and fitness -centers of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. You buy points, book a workout that interests you in the app, and then just show the booking code at the entrance. You can visit a new sport every day or choose a gym you like and pay for training with points, but do not worry that you do not have the opportunity to change a gym at any time.

Ashtanga Yoga

Studio : Yoga Space
Station Metro: Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya, Chekhovskaya
Training time: 90 minutes
Outfit: comfortable sportswear

Experiment. How I tried 4 sports in a week

Photo: Yoga Space

Ashtanga -yoga is a rather active practice, so I chose it. There is a group for beginners in Yoga Space, and I signed up for it. The hall itself is located quite conveniently. Inside is not very large, but cozy room. The changing rooms have everything you need, including clean towels. You can enjoy water or hot tea in the kitchenette. In the gym itself there are mats that are treated with a special solution before training. The workout itself is pretty intense. This was my first experience in yoga, so at first I did not always fully understand what to do, but I quickly joined in and after a couple of tips from a mentor I felt confident. The workout itself combines many exercises for flexibility, breathing control and physical strength. I must say that I managed to get exhausted, but I stretched out well and was happy like a child when I could wrap myself up in another pose. At the end of the workout, you should completely relax, making yourself comfortable with a blanket and the lights off. It was the best part, because pleasant fatigue, breathing control and relaxation open up the body in a new way, as if you are finding unexplored islands inside yourself. After training, I decided that it would be worthwhile to learn more about yoga and perhaps return to the studio again.

Experiment. How I tried 4 sports in a week

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Studio : Rock the Cycle
Metro station: Belorusskaya
Training time: 45 minutes
Equipment : comfortable sportswear, smartphone

Experiment. How I tried 4 sports in a week

Photo: Rock the Cycle

Is spinning your bike in the gym boring? No matter how it is! Rock my Trip workoutturned out to be very hot and hot! At the beginning of the training, the group chooses a route through one of the cities. You will not only pedal, but drive through this city with all its relief features, there will be streets on the wall along which you are driving, and a vigorous playlist will set the desired pace. Proven - if you catch the rhythm of the music and pedal to the beat, you will comfortably ride the distance at the right speed. To drive the route correctly, under the supervision of a trainer, you will adjust the load, keep the pace and use the desired riding technique. 45 minutes of training turns out to be quite grueling, but driving. I advise you to bring water and a towel. If you grab your smartphone and prudently download the app, your workout results will remain in your gadget. For me, a person who doesn't like running, cycling is a great alternative to cardio training. A few words about the hall. I was pleasantly surprised by the attitude towards the client. The studio itself is very cozy and stylish. At the entrance you will be matched with cycling shoes, in the spacious dressing room there will be 2 towels and everything you need, men even have a hair styling gel.

Experiment. How I tried 4 sports in a week

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Thai Boxing

Studio : MSK CrossFit
Metro Station: Kropotkinskaya
Training time: 90 minutes
Outfit: comfortable sportswear, sneakers

Experiment. How I tried 4 sports in a week

Photo: MSK Crossfit

Muscovites love to have fun in Krasny Oktyabr, but there is also a great gym here. Very stylish, new and cozy. In addition to Thai boxing, there is also classic, women's kickboxing, as well as crossfit for different levels of training, stretching, gymnastics. As far as Muay Thai training is concerned, it is quite productive. It will be better if you already have at least some experience in martial arts and your own equipment. However, if you have long wanted to start going to martial arts, then you should definitely stop by and take a closer look.

Experiment. How I tried 4 sports in a week

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Metro station: Running
Session time: 60 minutes
Outfit: comfortable sportswear , sneakers

Experiment. How I tried 4 sports in a week


The NinjaFit gym is a training track, a power strip obstacles. You can join a group that trains directly along this route. I went to calisthenics - strength training with body weight, which is now very popular. At the same time, the group along the route was engaged and I can say that it looked exciting. On Calisthenics we are a slaveotali over the exit by force on two hands and push-ups against the wall. Not everyone succeeded. The lesson was interesting, the trainer showed an individual approach, gave valuable advice and encouraged. In order not to demotivate yourself and learn strength exercises effectively, I would recommend signing up for a workout if you have a sufficient level of physical fitness and you can confidently pull yourself up at least 10 times. However, if there is a desire, then a beginner will be taught everything. In my training, there were 2 girls in the group at once and they coped with it, so calisthenics is not only for men. I recommend bringing a bottle of water and a shower towel with you. You may also need training gloves. If your hands are not used to the horizontal bar, chances are you will rub your calluses. If you go to calisthenics regularly, then in a couple of months you will be able to show good results and do effective exercises.

Experiment. How I tried 4 sports in a week

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General recommendations

The very experience of using the FITMOST subscription left a pleasant impression. From a large number of studios, you can find what you like, take a closer look at different sports and halls. I would advise you to find studios that you like and go to them, because regularity is the most important thing in training. Each time you come to a new group is stress, the first part of the training you will delve into and integrate into the training process.

Here are some recommendations to make the training a pleasant experience:

1. Come a little early to be able to meet the formalities at the entrance and change.

2. Before the first workout, contact the studio to find out if the level of workout is right for you, so as not to get into a group that is too experienced or vice versa. I was so unable to get into fencing because one of the halls did not indicate in the application that their group training was not for beginners.

3. Check in the app if there are free towels, water in the studio, if you need any equipment with you.

4. Feel free to ask questions: to the audience, in-app support, onsite staff, or other attendees. If something is not completely clear, better clarify, they will be happy to help you.

Experiment. How I tried 4 sports in a week

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Experiment. How I tried 4 sports in a week

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Experiment. How I tried 4 sports in a week

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