Experiment: blogger Eric Lamkin ate 40,000 calories in 24 hours and survived

Among people who adhere to proper nutrition, there are those who sometimes allow themselves to deviate from the rules. And not at all because they lack willpower. We are talking about the concept of Cheat day - as a rule, it is one day a week (for someone less often), when even professional athletes can afford whatever they want. Some went further and started making money on their own pleasure. One of such geniuses is the American blogger Eric Lamkin .

Erik was overweight as a kid and was bullied at school. At some point, this led to the fact that the guy practically stopped eating and lost more than 30 kilograms. Parents were worried about the changes that are taking place with their son, but they did not attach due importance to this. Eric did not stop torturing the body with his own strict diet and in the end he brought himself to a state where, with a height of about 1.80 m, he weighed 55 kilograms. At 17, he was admitted to the hospital with anorexia nervosa.

To be discharged from the hospital he had to be under the supervision of doctors for two weeks, who controlled every meal. To be discharged from the treatment center, he had to prove that he was able to take care of himself. According to him, it was a very difficult period of his life, he felt like in prison. It was not possible to recover the first time, after some time he was again in the hospital, this time the treatment lasted three months, but, according to him, it really helped, he was able to become himself. And in 2013, he first discovered the speed-eating competition. As he himself noted, he does not eat fast enough, but at the same time he can eat a lot.

It interested him and then the idea of ​​a video blog came to his mind, in which he would arrange various food-related challenges for himself and shoot it on camera. In one of these videos, he consumed 100,000 kilocalories in four days. He later said that the hardest part of this test was to endure physical pain, because his digestive system simply could not hold all the food he ate.

And in 2017, he decided for himself the next step - to consume 40,000 kilocalories in 24 hours. Before starting, he defined three rules for himself:

  • Eating a minimum amount of liquid calories, in his opinion, is too easy;
  • Spend the minimum amount of money;
  • Meet in exactly 24 hours.

For breakfast, which began at 8:52 am, he cooked for himself a dozen eggs in coconut oil, a whole box of all kinds of donuts,lavishly greased with peanut butter, a whole plate of toast, a can of chocolate spread, and two boxes of cereal with milk.

Donuts were the first to use, then exotic scrambled eggs, followed by Eric toast, which he smeared with both chocolate paste and peanut butter at the same time, this is how a full breakfast looks like by his standards, he said before sending it to mouth another sandwich. When the bread and chocolate paste ran out, it was the turn of the biscuits, peanut butter came in handy again, in the short breaks between meals he apparently felt hungry again, so he had a snack with apples. The last to use were cereals, in just breakfast he ate more than 12.5 thousand calories and at the same time ate seemingly ordinary foods. After his big snack, Eric spent two hours on the bike.

At 12:47 it came time to prepare for your next meal. He named it: The Incredible Big Mac Challenge. Naturally, for this he went to McDonald's where he took: four Big Macs, four large French fries, four large Frappe cocktails and a salad, because he could not do without greens. At home, he added to all this a large bag of chips and the same bag of peanuts.

The second breakfast or early lunch included another 12,500 calories. In just two meals, he ate 25,000 calories, which was already more than half of the goal he set for the day, and spent $ 76 on it. Then I went to the gym.

Cinnabon cafe, where he is bought six large buns. This time he did not go home, but started eating them right in the car. As promised from the beginning, he did not consume liquid calories, so throughout the day he drank almost nothing but water. After a snack in the car, Eric finished off the peanuts he had started at the previous meal, and ate a chocolate bar for dessert. The amount of food eaten per day exceeded 32,000 calories, and the insatiable Eric went to a Chinese food restaurant, after which the amount spent exceeded $ 110. And, of course, he did not forget to take dessert - ice cream.

At 18:51 he was again at home at the table. Ice cream seemed to him too little, so he also made peanut butter in chocolate.

Ko All of the above was joined by a whole package of Mac n 'Cheetos, which is pasta and cheese fried in breadcrumbs. First of all, noodles, chicken and rice from a Chinese restaurant were on the plate. Then he took an ice cream out of the freezer and started to work on Mac n 'Cheetos. As soon as the spicy dish ended, ice cream was used, followed bypeanut butter in chocolate, then came the second pack of ice cream.

In total, he ate over 41,000 calories, 4840 grams of carbohydrates, 2131 grams of fat, 885 grams of protein and 2400 grams of sugar.

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