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Expensive: how much do abs cubes cost?

Not only men, but also many girls dream of cubes on their belly. They are not easy to achieve. For a well-defined relief, workouts alone are not always enough. And few people think about how much the press actually costs, like Emily Ratajkowski's. We tell you how much the cherished cubes and oblique muscles can cost.

Expensive: how much do abs cubes cost?

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Gym workouts and personal trainer

Cost in Moscow: 3000- 4000 rubles (monthly subscription) or about 2000 rubles (personal training).

Result: in about 1.5 months.

The first thing that comes to head at the word press, - a gym. Or rather, long and persistent workouts to a sweat. Indeed, playing sports will sooner or later help to acquire a relief body. However, in order to quickly achieve a good result, you cannot do without the help of special equipment and a knowledgeable specialist.

Expensive: how much do abs cubes cost?

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In the case of relief, it's not only and not so much about the training itself, but about the subcutaneous fat. Someone initially has little of it, and in the course of classes, the press manifests itself by itself. However, many are faced with a problem: no matter how much you pump the abdominal muscles, the cubes on the torso are not added. If you have no time to look for a solution on your own or you don't want to, the best option is to contact a professional trainer. He will tell you which exercises are right for you and create a personal training program.

Working with a nutritionist

Cost in Moscow: 3000-4000 rubles (initial appointment) + 2000-3000 rubles (repeated appointments).

Result: in about 3 months.

You can achieve outstanding relief not only through exercise, but also by choosing the right diet. A nutritionist or nutritionist can help with this. Together with a specialist, you can draw up an effective and comfortable meal plan. In addition, when combined with training, this method will help you achieve results even faster.

Expensive: how much do abs cubes cost?

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Salon procedures

Cost in Moscow: from 10,000 rubles per month.

Result: in about 1.5 months.

Less costly in terms of your own strength, but more expensive way - hardware procedures in the salon. Today the choice is quite large: endosphere, LPG massage, laser liposuction, lipolytic injections. You can choose what fits the namesbut you.

Expensive: how much do abs cubes cost?

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Most of the procedures are aimed at working with subcutaneous adipose tissue. For example, in laser liposuction, fatty deposits are destroyed using laser flashes. And special lipolytic preparations raise the level of a natural enzyme that accelerates fat metabolism, and generally improves skin condition.

Expensive: how much do abs cubes cost?

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Plastic surgery

Cost in Moscow: from 70,000 rubles.

Result: in about 10 days.

This method is the fastest, but also the most expensive. Two procedures will help to get a relief press. The first is the well-known liposuction, when excess fat is literally pumped out of problem areas. The second is abdominoplasty, in which case it not only gets rid of fat deposits, but also tightens sagging skin.

As practice shows, the most accessible method of dealing with excess weight is a healthy lifestyle - proper nutrition and sports. Special procedures and operations, although they give a relatively quick and visual result, do not always justify the money spent. It is not enough to pump up the press once. To keep your body lean and fit, you need to keep fit, for example, with the same workouts.

Expensive: how much do abs cubes cost?

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