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Expensive does not mean good. 5 cars from Lewis Hamilton's garage

Five-time world champion in Formula 1 racing Lewis Hamilton once played for the McLaren team, now he represents Mercedes. Apparently, he is so attached to the cars of German and British brands that almost all modifications of cars of these concerns and not only are collected in his garage. Hamilton's collection of supercars matches his vibrant lifestyle. For example, in the garage of a racer, you can find a Pagani Zonda 760 LH produced especially for him, two McLaren - MP4-12C and P1 - and a brutal Ford Mustang. We tell you what other luxury cars the Formula 1 star collects.

Exclusive Pagani Zonda 760 LH for big money

Lewis bought for his collection a unique sports car Pagani Zonda 760 LH, which was made according to his individual order. The company stopped mass production of the Zonda long ago and made an exclusive version of the discontinued sports car especially for the racer. Needless to say that such a machine cost Hamilton a considerable $ 4 million?

Expensive does not mean good. 5 cars from Lewis Hamilton's garage

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Despite the exclusivity, a purple sports car with a 760 horsepower engine occasionally appears on the roads of Monaco. It seems that Lewis is not very attached to this car, or more precisely, to Pagani itself. In an interview with the Sunday Times, he admitted that he was unhappy with their policy of creating sports cars with an automatic transmission, because they are uncomfortable to drive. Especially when it comes to a robotic gearbox. Therefore, in his own Pagani Zonda, Hamilton chose the mechanics.

Maybe the motorsport star did not appreciate it, but the car definitely deserves the audience award. After all, every time she drives out of the garage onto the streets of Monaco, hundreds of fans surround her in an instant. Although, perhaps this is another reason for Hamilton not to like this sports car?

In November 2015, the car was in the spotlight of the police. The driver had an accident and hit a parked car. Fortunately, no one was seriously damaged.

Shelby Cobra 427 retro car

The collection of the Formula 1 star has more exclusive cars. So, the 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 is now one of the rarest and most expensive cars. Lewis was recommended to buy this model by Carroll Shelby himself, and the racer, of course, took the advice.

Hamilton has a special love for retro cars, and such a designer model with unusual wings like the Cobra is simply impossible to miss. In order to saveSince the 1966 car is in perfect condition, Hamilton bought another Shelby Cobra 427, but already produced in 1967. It costs a retro car, compared to a purple Probe, ridiculous money - $ 1.5 million.

Expensive does not mean good. 5 cars from Lewis Hamilton's garage

Shelby Cobra 427 1966

Photo: facebook.com/LewisHamilton

Expensive does not mean good. 5 cars from Lewis Hamilton's garage

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Heap of trash in the form of Shelby Mustang GT500

How do you get past the Shelby Mustang GT500? - thought Lewis Hamilton and added the car to the collection. Indeed, many people dream of a brutal vintage muscle car from Ford. Before taking a seat in the garage of the Formula 1 star, the 1967 car had its suspension modified and the engine replaced with a more powerful one. But this, apparently, was not enough to please the king of the track. He calls the car a pile of junk: he only likes the exterior color.

Expensive does not mean good. 5 cars from Lewis Hamilton's garage

Shelby Mustang GT500

Photo: facebook.com/LewisHamilton

And you know where the trend to strip sports cars came from ? When the sport was just in its infancy, racing cars were painted in a specific color, which was assigned to a specific country, so that it was easier for spectators to identify their own. Italy got red, England got green, France got blue. Only US cars were painted white with two blue or blue and white stripes. Later it became a tradition.

Scarlet LaFerrari

The red hypercar Ferrari LaFerrari perfectly complements the driver's collection. Mercedes' executive director Toto Wolff once made fun of journalists by saying that Lewis Hamilton had contacted Ferrari. This news shocked everyone. Wolff then added that the driver did this to buy a new car.

Expensive does not mean good. 5 cars from Lewis Hamilton's garage

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Blue McLaren P1 supercar

Talking about the garageHamilton, it would be a sin not to mention the purchase of the McLaren P1. The layout of the car is close to Formula 1 cars, but it is not as fast and light. Although this car does an excellent job with driving on a city highway.

Expensive does not mean good. 5 cars from Lewis Hamilton's garage

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