Evgeny Roizman: Uncle Zhenya is elderly, he may not reach the finish line

The new hero of the show # 226 questions , a joint project of the Championship and the leading organizer of triathlon starts in Russia, IRONSTAR , is the ex-head of Yekaterinburg, deputy of the State Duma, writer and creator marathon Europe-Asia Eugene Roizman .

Triathlon is a new peak in its sports history. During the interview, Roizman talks about the incredible resource of the State Duma deputy, the marathon he ran by accident, and why age gives a lot of advantages in the distance.

02.00 - why Shakespeare was jealous to Roizman?
04.00 - the most important thing during the marathon.
05.40 - how Roizman decided on his first triathlon.
07.20 - why Eugene will swim with brass and he is not ashamed.
11.50 - a difficult sporting childhood, in which everything was.
12.45 - he ran his first marathon ... by accident. How it was?
15.20 - why Roizman was forced to drink and eat at a distance.

17.00 - three life hacks from Evgeny Rulevsky. They will help you at the start.

18.38 - Yevgeny Roizman was framed at the finish. Wrong flag .
- why does age give so many advantages? It's never too late to start
- blitz in an elevator: gels or bars?
- giveaway: autographed book .
- what Roizman told off-screen. Instead of backstage.

PS The episode was filmed back in April, so ignore the snow outside the window. Despite the temperature outside, the interview was hot. Charge!

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