Stretching Routine to get Flexible Fast!

Everything is stretchable: where to go for the perfect twine?

Streching (stretching) is a fitness direction that is relevant at any time of the year, at any age and state of health. And who in childhood has not dreamed, or perhaps still dreams, to sit on a split? Especially for you, we have selected the five best twine studios in the capital.

SM Stretching -

The studio's motto is - Everything is stretchable, and we cannot disagree with this. The founder of the studio, world champion in rhythmic gymnastics Samira Mustafayeva, approaches the matter very anxiously: Before becoming part of SM Stretching, candidates undergo a rigorous selection, study my methods, take an exam and only then start work. So I can be confident in everyone.

Everything is stretchable: where to go for the perfect twine?

Stretching with Samira Mustafayeva: a game of overcoming

Champion of Russia in rhythmic gymnastics - about stretching, perfect splits and motivation.

Issue price: from 5900 for a subscription for 8 lessons in a mini-group. There are also subscriptions for 12 lessons, unlimited for a month and subscriptions for individual lessons.

Split -

Split has 6 studios at its disposal throughout Moscow. One of the definite advantages is the opportunity to sign up for a free trial lesson. Also on their YouTube channel you'll find plenty of free tips for improving your stretching at home.

Price: 12-lesson subscription (full, group of six) - 11,000 rubles, for 24 lessons (full, a group of six people) - 19,300 rubles, for 36 lessons (a group of 6 people, full) - 27,200 rubles. There are also subscriptions for a mini-group (two people) and individual lessons.

Top Stretching -

Top Stretching is five studios in Moscow (almost all within Garden Ring). In addition to classic stretching, the studio has aerostretching and TRX programs. Top Stretching also gives you the opportunity to sign up for three trial sessions.

Everything is stretchable: where to go for the perfect twine?

Zero Gravity Stretching: Three Poses for Beginners

Aerostretching. Basic exercises for beginners from Anastasia Bystrova.

Issue price: one-time lesson - from 800 rubles, unlimited for a month - from 7900 rubles. Also on the site you will find prices for individual lessons, unlimited for three months and other options.

Plastilin -

In this school of twine, which is located in the very center of Moscow (metro station Novokuznetskaya), you will definitely find what you like - there are more than 10 directions in Plastilin. Well, signing up for a free trial lesson is good news.

Price question: 1 lesson - 800 rubles, subscription for 8 lessons - 5900 rubles, subscription for 12 lessons -7100 rubles.

Fresh Stretching -

Stretching school, located near the station. m. Taganskaya, gives everyone the opportunity to sign up for classic stretching, hammock classes, as well as the Body Health program. Among other things, in this studio you can purchase gift certificates for 5, 10 or 15 lessons.

Price of the question: there are two types of subscriptions in the studio - Standart and Premium (the first one gives the opportunity to attend only three directions of the studio, the second - all directions). The cost of five classes Standart - 4000 rubles, Premium - 4500 rubles. Five individual training sessions - 11 650 rubles. Each option has subscriptions for 5, 10 and 15 lessons. When buying the first trial visit (500 rubles), the studio provides a 20% discount on all group lessons.

12 Minute Splits Stretch Flexibility Workout For Beginners How To Tutorial For The Splits

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