Olga Kurylenko Tested Positive For Covid 19

Everything is serious: actress Olga Kurylenko contracted the coronavirus

The scale of the spread of the new coronavirus infection is striking more and more every day. Major events around the world continue to be canceled, and the number of infected is growing. Among them there are already politicians, athletes and stars of show business.

Today, the Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko shared the unhappy news. On her Instagram, the artist, best known for her role as James Bond's companion in the film Quantum of Solace, announced that she was in home isolation. The girl tested positive for COVID-19.

Everything is serious: actress Olga Kurylenko contracted the coronavirus

Photo: Still from the movie Quantum of Solace

Olga said that she has been sick for almost a week. And the main symptoms that bother her are high fever and weakness. Kurylenko urged subscribers to take what is happening seriously. After all, if you do not take precautions, the infection can affect everyone. Even if you try to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, like the actress herself.

Everything is serious: actress Olga Kurylenko contracted the coronavirus

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Everything is serious: actress Olga Kurylenko contracted the coronavirus

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Healthy lifestyle did not help. How does Olga Kurylenko keep fit?

Olga admitted that she is not a zealous adherent of a healthy lifestyle, but still tries to devote time to sports and adjust nutrition. One of the artist's commandments when compiling a daily diet is to reduce sugar and animal fats. She sincerely believes that reducing their number has a positive effect primarily on health, and not on the figure. Kurylenko refused sausages, sausages and bacon. The girl called them the main food problem in Russia and Ukraine.

During the preparation for filming, the actress gets in shape, focusing on squirrels. Mostly chicken. But, according to Olga, you can't sit on a protein diet for a long time - it is harmful to the body.

As a child, Kurylenko studied ballet. Now training in the gym helps her keep fit. The artist considers herself to be lazy, but tries to practice systematically. She is helped in this by a personal trainer who motivates the ward to come to the fitness center.

In addition, Kurylenko is a fan of oriental martial arts. When she lived in New York for some time, she entered karate school and regularly attended classes.

Where could the actress get infected?

As it turned out, an active lifestyle does not guarantee absolute safety and resistance to the new virus. Olga got infected after all. To date, eight film projects are known for sure, on which Kurylenko is working. Moreover, two of them should be released this year: the films Fox Hunt and Sentinelle, which means guard in French. The filming of both films takes place in dangerous countries for the stay - in China and France. The spread of coronavirus in these countries is extremely high. Perhaps the actress could have caught the infection while she was working.

Release date of the remaining six projects unknown. Among them are the films Bay of Silence, Duel, Jane Millen, Empires of the Deep, Gateway 6 and Radiant. They are filmed in the USA, Great Britain and China.

Now Olga will have to leave her job for a while. After all, now she is forced to carefully take care of her health, just like each of us. The publication of Kurylenko on Instagram not only once again reminded of an urgent problem, but also focused on the actress herself. Perhaps more attention will now be drawn to films with her.

Everything is serious: actress Olga Kurylenko contracted the coronavirus

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Everything is serious: actress Olga Kurylenko contracted the coronavirus

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James Bond Actress Olga Kurylenko Reveals She’s Tested Positive for Coronavirus

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