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Everything hurts, nothing helps. Take the test and find out if it's time to see a doctor

For many people, pain has become something absolutely commonplace and concomitant, more and more often you can hear the phrase chronic diagnosis around. Meanwhile, on the market for painkillers, one after another, new, previously unknown, pills and potions appear. But what if you were told that you can live without a common headache, crunching knees or crooked posture? To do this, you just need to understand the root cause and eliminate it.

Together with the specialists of the clinic of osteopathy and classical medicine OSTEOPOLYCLINIC , we have compiled a test for you that will help you collect a superficial anamnesis about your condition and decide if it's time to see a specialist for a comprehensive assessment.

Why contact an osteopath? The main task of an osteopathic doctor is to determine the cause of the disease, which is why specialists possess knowledge in various disciplines (anatomy, orthopedics, physiology, psychology). The Osteo checkup diagnostic procedure is absolutely painless. By acting on the body with gentle movements, the specialist will examine and be able to tell you about those parts of the body that you should pay attention to.

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