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Everything at the Depot: 7 trendy and tasty places for food watchers

Recently, a gastronomic quarter was opened in the premises of the former trolleybus depot in Moscow. Here you can taste world cuisines, enjoy delicacies and an incredible variety of desserts. But what about healthy eating? We walked through 75 corner restaurants and identified the top places for delicious and healthy food.


What : Balinese organic smoothie bar based on vegetable basis.

Where : C 60

On the menu : smoothies, juice, smoothies, porridge, toasts, chia puddings, cashew cakes , granola, etc.

Here you can easily imagine yourself on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, drink a glass of Sip of Freedom and go further to conquer the Moscow waves.


What : healthy food, vegetarian.

Where : D 79

On the menu : scrambled eggs and scrambled eggs without eggs, pizza without dough, raw borscht, salads, soups, smoothies.

This is exactly the place where you will not only have tasty food, but also surprise you with items from the menu. Our favorites are tomato salad with tarragon and sweet potato cream soup.


What : classic Vietnamese street food.

Where : B, C 34

B menu : Phở soup, Vietnamese duck, nems, spring rolls and mango shakes, fruits that are brought by plane three times a week from Vietnam.

The main advantage is that you you can put together yourself by pointing out the products that seem the most delicious and attractive.

Raw to Go

What: Vegan cuisine.

Where : D 78

B menu : vegetarian rolls, salads, burgers and sweets. Healthy fast food, which you can have a bite to eat or take with you.

Any junk food is made healthy here. You can try a mushroom burger with oyster mushrooms and porcini mushrooms or natural chocolate without sugar and milk.

Soul in the Bowl

What: California healthy food.

Where: At 77

On the menu : Hawaiian pokés and smoothie bowls.

And here, if you want, you will be given the opportunity to collect your own poke bowl. You choose a side dish (rice, bulgur quinoa, or lettuce), protein (tuna, salmon, shrimp, or chicken), sauce, and healthy additives. If it is too difficult to decide, you will definitely be offered ready-made options.

Stall by Natalia Berezova

What: comfort food - simple food for every day.

Where: D 80

On the menu: dishes from seasonal and local products, natural wines.

Desserts itleg, but each is special. Creme brulee, for example, is made from pumpkin. And with coconut petals.

MACADAMIA Vitamin & Smoothie bar

What : smoothies and fresh juices

Where: From P2

On the menu : fresh juices and smoothies that are prepared without sugar or syrups. Fruit and vegetable juices can be mixed in any proportions and volumes. The smoothies have certain tastes: for example, in Thai passion they combined mango, coconut milk and passion fruit.

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